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How to Clean a Dog Bed & Remove Urine & Sweat Stains & Odors in Livermore, CA; Vacuum, Wash Exterior Cover & Inside Pillow & More

The family’s dog is more to some people than just the family dog. They are simply four-legged, furry extensions of the family. You provide food, shelter, love, attention, and even a nice bed for their comfort and in return you get an endless supply of licks, cuddles, and affection. Often, after a fun day outdoors, your muddy, dirty, pooch will plop down on their beds for some much needed rest. The dog hair, dirt, mud, and other contaminants as well as possible urine and drool are accumulating on this bed, causing pungent odors and possibly accumulating layers of filth on carpet or other floor surfaces. In any case, keeping the dog’s bed clean is crucial for your pup’s hygiene and the overall condition and longevity of your floors.

Dog Bed Cleaning, Stain & Odor Removal

Today, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to share a method on getting your dog’s bed clean and sanitized.
1. Vacuum. To begin, use the vacuum’s hose and all the handy attachments to thoroughly remove the surface debris of hair/fur, dirt, and other particulates. A lint roller is optimal pick up the stubborn hair/fur embedded in the dog bed’s fibers.
2. Unzip the exterior fabric cover if it is applicable and toss in the washing machine as long as it is washing machine safe. Always follow manufacturer’s directions. Prepare the washing machine by turning the setting to a large load with cold water, and make certain the detergent is safe for pets. Avoid adding other fabric or clothing in the same load. If the bed is especially dirty, repeat the wash cycle.
3. Dry the freshly laundered dog bed liner in the dryer. Add a minimum of 1 dryer sheet that is safe for pets. The dryer sheet will greatly reduce the static electricity and reduce the pet hair/fur from building up. Dry on a low temperature setting for 20 minutes to remove hair and wrinkles and excess moisture and allow the cover to air dry the remainder of the time to avoid any shrinkage.
4. Wash the interior bed foam, pillow, or cushion according to the label’s directions. If the label does not detail any directions, we have something that can help neutralize odors. If the foam and pillow bed is washable, fill the tub with cool or lukewarm water and combine ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/8 cup of laundry detergent and submerge the foam/pillow in the tub mixture and work the soap in the foam with your hands. If there are stains, work the stains out. Allow the foam/pillow to soak for approximately 15 minutes and then drain the water, after the bulk of the water is drained make sure to squeeze the remainder of the water. Refill the tub with cool, clear water and submerge the foam/pillow and rinse the soapy water out of the pad. Once again, drain the water and squeeze the excess water from the foam/padding. For optimal results in drying and freshness, let the pad dry thoroughly.
5. Be sure to clean the floor where the dog’s bed is usually placed.

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