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How to Choose Grout for Porcelain or Ceramic Tile in Carbona, CA; Color Combinations, Sanded VS Unsanded & More

Grout is the cement-like material used to bond your ceramic or porcelain tiles together. Now that you have chosen the ceramic or porcelain tile you are going to use in your home, you need to choose the right grout. Grout comes in different colors and in a few different variations. You will want to make sure you choose the right one to compliment your tile flooring. Carpet Care 2000 would like to share some tips and a few things to consider when choosing the grout for your ceramic or porcelain tile flooring.

Choose the Right Type of Grout

Grout comes in four basic types. You will want to make sure you are picking the right grout for the surfaces it will be used on. Here is a run-down of the different types of grout you have to choose from:
• Finely Sanded Grout- When the tiles you have chosen are going to be 1/8”-3/8” wide, this is the best option for you.
• Unsanded Grout- This type of grout is usually used for wall tiles that have a grout joint of 1/8” wide or less.
• Quarry-Type Grout- This type of grout is a bit coarser than the finely sanded grout, and can be used for wider grout joints 3/8”-1/2”.
• Epoxy Grout- This is a very hard grout type. It consists of epoxy resin and hardener which makes it very stain resistant and a great option for countertops or other areas that would need extra protection.
Keep in mind when choosing your grout, the wider the grout joint, the coarser the sand needs to be. This will help you avoid your grout shrinking and cracking.

Tile & Grout Color Combinations

Grout comes in a variety of different colors. You can get grout sample sticks from your hardware store that can be very helpful when choosing the color. Some considerations that you may want to make might be:
• Decide whether or not you want the grout to blend or highlight the tiles you are using. Darker grout is a durable option if you are worried about staining. If you are wanting a lighter grout color and still concerned about staining, you will definitely want to have the grout sealed to prevent stains.
• For darker colors, you may want to find a grout that blends in with the tile. Keep in mind that the sample sticks are usually a bit darker than the actual grout will be when it is completely dry.
• If you are working with tile that has many colors throughout it, or with mosaic tiles, you will want the grout to match at least one of the colors found in the tile.
• Using bright colored grout can help highlight and create bold patterns with tile. If you are wanting to make a statement with your tile flooring, you might want to consider a grout that will stand out to create a stronger pattern.

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No matter what grout you choose for your tile flooring, you will want to properly care for it. Getting your tile and grout flooring professionally cleaned at least annually with help extend the life of your flooring. Having Carpet Care 2000 clean and seal your tile floors will help your tile floors continue to look fabulous for years to come. Call us today!

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