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Is Filtration Soiling Dangerous in Lyoth, CA? Definition, Carpet Cleaning, How to Prevent Dark Edges of Carpets & More

Is your carpet a victim of filtration soiling? Do you see black stains on your carpets around the edges of walls, under door frames or windows? This is a case of filtration soiling. Carpet Care 2000 will go over the causes of filtration soiling; what it is, how to clean it, and what to do to prevent filtration soiling from occurring on your carpets.

Soil Filtration Definition

Filtration soiling is when air enters a room faster than it can escape, then gets pushed back from the source as the air enters the room. Areas like air vents, windows with air conditioner units, and doorways. As the air continuously travels through those areas, your carpet acts as a filter that will trap in the air pollutants. Over time this will create those very upsetting black streaks on your carpets. The air pollutants that will commonly cause the carpet to get filtration soiling are smoke from cigarettes, dust, candles, cooking oils, and ash from fireplaces.

Filtration Soiling Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning filtration soiling can be rather difficult remove. For those do-it-yourself people out there you will need hot water extraction or steam to clean your carpets. However results do vary and sometimes it’s hard to remove with commercial grade cleaning solutions that won’t remove the stain completely. Most will hire a professional carpet cleaner to get the best results.

How to Prevent Filtration Soiling on Carpet

It’s far better to prevent the black streaking then it is to clean it. Carpet Care 2000 will go over the basic steps to prevent filtration soiling. We’ll begin with the HVAC systems. The air ducts throughout your home gather quite a bit of dirt. This dirt travels throughout your home as the A/C unit blows the cool air into each room. It is recommend to have your air duct cleaned regularly. This will greatly help reduce the dirt blowing onto your carpet. Also have your air filters changed often. This will also trap the dirt. Next step is to eliminate gaps. Keep doors open so the air isn’t forced under the doorway making the pollutants get trapped in your carpet. Allow the air to travel throughout the house. This doesn’t only help prevent the black streaking but improves the air circulation throughout your home. Gaps between base boards can be sealed with expandable foam, depending on the gap size. Finally, properly dealing with the pollutants. For those who smoke, you may want to make a new habit of smoking outside rather than inside. If you like the aroma of scented candles you may want to switch from burning candles to electric heaters that melt the wax. They release the scent rather then burning the wicks. If you have a fireplace burning to make those cold winter a bit cozier, clean up the ash regularly, and be careful not to make the ash airborne when sweeping it.

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Vacuum your carpets regularly and follow some of these basic steps to prevent those ugly black streaks from becoming a problem on your carpets. Filtration soiling is a common problem even for the cleanest house keepers. Filtration soiling is not only a problem for the neglectful house keeper but for everyone. Carpet Care 2000 wants everyone to have the beautiful carpets they desire by making you aware of filtration soiling in homes. Contact us today!

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