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How to Clean & Dry Wet Carpet in Mountain House, CA; Extracting Water, Deodorizing & More

When you have a home you have to find ways to keep the house clean and safe. The cleanliness of the house has a lot to do with how you take care of chores and what you do about any minor or major disasters. There are times that your home may end up being flooded in some aspect. It can be a flood that causes a lot of damage and spreads through a large area of the house or it can be cornered into a smaller space. There are not worse disasters that can happen to your carpets than a flood. There are some people that think if your carpets are flooded that they have to be pulled out of the house and replaced. This is not always true and if you use the right methods and professionals you can save your carpets. Floods come in a variety of ways from a storm that sends flood water in to an appliance or a leak in the plumbing that has caused the water to flood the house. No matter the size of the flood you want to make sure that the work is done right to protect you and your family. Carpet Care 2000 outlines what to do when your carpets are flooded and how to restore them.

Extract the Water from Wet Carpets

The first issue that you have when you have carpet that has been flooded is that there is water that has to be removed. The water that is left on the carpet will continue to make a mess as well as create an environment that mold and mildew grows. You need to have all the water extracted from the house to start. The best way to do that is to make sure that you hire a professional that has the ability to remove the water with tools and equipment that can do it in a timely manner. This is a very important step to have done as soon as possible. The sooner that you are able to have this done the better it will be for the end result. There are times that you need to have what caused the flood to occur stopped before any work can be done.

Dry Carpet After a Water Leak

The next step that has to be taken is to make sure that the carpets care given time to dry. The carpets after water extraction still will be damp and need to be dried out. The process is usually done with commercial grade fans as well as open air windows. The drying process is not something that can be given a time because of the nature of the flood as well as the weather that is still in the area. The carpet has to be dried out before they can be treated so that you can then have them cleaned and get you living back in your house.

Cleaning & Deodorizing Carpets After a Flood

The last step that needs to take place will be to clean them and also to treat for any lingering odor. Water that has flooded the carpet can leave a musty and mildew smell that can be off putting for you and your family. Once they are clean they need to be treated for that odor as well as cleaned.

Water Damage Restoration of Carpet in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

To save your carpets after a flood or water damage emergency, it’s imperative you act quickly. Carpet Care 2000 can come out to your house and treat your carpets after water damage. Call us today!

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