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How to Clean & Get Out Oil Based Salad Dressing Stains Out of Carpet in Danville, CA

With the weather warm most people want to find more ways to keep cooled off. The swimming pool is a popular spot. Getting out of the heat and spending tome in the house is also a way to not overheat. Keeping your house is also a task to keep cooled off. You want to make sure that the heat is kept out by drawing your blinds and of course steering clear of using the oven and the stove. The oven and stove when you are using them will create heat that your AC has to work overtime to cool back off. They also will find meals that they can make that don’t take a heat source. One of the meals that is a go to is making a nice salad. It has two benefits. One being that there is not heat needed and the other is that you can eat a meal that is cool. Now that you have your family walking around with a bowl full of salad you want to make sure that you know how to clean salad dressing off the carpet. A spill is inevitable and you want to have a good method to remove a stain.

Carpet Care 2000 Offers Tips to Remove Salad Dressing Stains Off Your Carpet

What Makes Salad Dressing Hard to Clean: You might think that dealing with a little dressing on your carpet should be no big deal. The thing is that most salad dressings that you might use have oil as one of the main ingredients. Oil is something that will cause a stain and will cause the spot to continue to look wet if it is not cleaned properly. That is why you need to know the best way to clean the dressing from your carpet if it is spilled.
Get Rid of Excess Salad Dressing: The first step when you want to clean just about any stain or spot is to get to work as fast as you can. You need to get as much of the spill off the carpet before it has time to soak in and set up. You can remove any excess dressing with a standard spoon. Scoop up what you can carefully and rinse the spoon off. You can repeat until you have as much of the excess removed as possible. You can also follow up with a clean cloth to dab at the spot to continue to remove the excess.
Remove Moisture from Carpet: Now you want to use a secondary agent to help get the rest of the moisture out of the carpet. Place some baking soda on the area and let it to sit for about ten minutes. Then use the vacuum cleaner and pick up as much of the baking soda that you can. Then the area is ready for a final clean.
Use a Carpet Cleaning Solution: Then you want to use a mixture of dish detergent, warm water and some vinegar to soak the area. You can use a clean cloth to dab at the spot. You may need to repeat the process to continue to work the stain off the carpet.

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