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How to Clean & Get Wet or Dried Spilled Nail Polish Stains Out of Carpet in Dublin, CA

Do you have girls that live in your house? Then you know that they are forever testing out their makeup, crafting and painting their nails. Nail polish is a paint that is used to spruce up your nails and is made to last for a few weeks. The problem is when it drips on your carpet. The polish can be hard to get off your nails without the right method and even harder to get off your carpet. The polish is in the paint family and often has clear coat built in as well as glitter and other additives. You want to make sure that you do what you can to prevent nail polish from being spilled but also having a solution for when it happens. The polish is easy to spill just by knocking it over while you are trying to place the brush back in. You want to make sure that you clean the stain with the right method.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists Steps Needed To Clean Nail Polish From Your Carpet.

How to Get Dried Nail Polish Out of Carpet: There are times that you won’t even realize that polish has been spilled. You might be cleaning your teenagers room and realize they must have forgotten to tell you that they dripped the polish days before. The polish will have time to dry and that makes the cleaning process different than if you were to find it fresh. You need to get a metal spoon and the vacuum to start the process. Use the spoon to scrape away the parts of the polish that is attached to the carpet fibers. You need to use caution when using this method so that it does not cause damage. Then run the vacuum over the area to clean up the bits that have been scraped off. Then use a cleaning solution that will help to break up the rest of the stain. You can use hair spray or window cleaner that most people already have in their home to treat the rest of the spot. Saturate the area and allow it to work in the spot for several minutes. Then use a clean cloth to dab at the spot and repeat as needed.
How to Remove Fresh Nail Polish from Carpet: If you are lucky enough to find the spill right when it happens you can use a better method to clean it. You can use the same metal spoon but you need to use it to gently scoop the excess paint that has not soaked into the fibers yet. Once you have the majority of the excess removed you can use a clean cloth to dab away. Then use hair spray, window cleaner or rubbing alcohol to treat the rest of the spot. Then use a fresh cloth to remove the stain.
Rinse Carpet After Treating: After you have treated the stain from your carpet whether it was dried up or fresh you need to clean the carpet after. This will help to remove the residue left from the solution that was used. Mix warm water and dish soap to clean the area with a clean cloth and remove the excess hair spray or window cleaner that was used.

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