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How to Clean Glue, Paint & Other Holiday Craft Stains from Carpet in Walnut Creek, CA

During the holidays there are many family activities to enhance the holiday spirit. Some activities may include baking as well as arts and crafts that often find its way onto your carpets. Some of the most common holiday activity stains are glitter glue, washable paint, and cookie frosting. When these cooking and crafting substances get on your carpets they can be a pain to clean and remove. Carpet Care 2000 will share how best to remove these stains off of the carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Basics

When cleaning carpet there are a few rules that should always be followed regardless as to what mess you are cleaning. First, with any cleaning solvent or homemade cleaning solution, always test the cleaner in a small discreet area in the event the carpet has an odd reaction. Additionally, when using a cloth to clean a stain on the carpet, always use a cleaning cloth that is white. The dye from a colored cloth can bleed into the carpet. Another important technique when cleaning carpet is to never scrub at a spill or stain as it makes the stain worse. Blot when cleaning spills and stains on rugs and carpet. With these basic carpet cleaning principles lets dive into cleaning those harsh holiday activity stains.

How to Get Glitter Glue Out of Carpet

Glitter glue is a holiday favorite art and craft material. If any glitter glue gets on the carpets your first step is to use a butter knife or spoon and scoop the bulk of the glue up and off the carpet. To clean the remnant glue that’s on the carpet, you will need plain water and a sponge or cloth. Dampen the sponge or cloth and begin blotting the glue. Begin on the outer edges and work inwards. If the water doesn’t remove all of the glue then use rubbing alcohol. Dampen a small piece of the cloth and blot at the glue stain. Make sure to rinse the stain with cold water. With a dry cloth, blot at the water to help dry the carpet faster.

How to Remove Washable Paint Stains from Carpet

Is the washable paint not so washable? If any paint gets on the carpet during arts and craft time, use a spoon or butter knife to scoop up the bulk of the paint. If the paint is dry, use a butter knife and scrape up as much of the paint as possible. For the remaining paint that is staining the carpet, use 1 cup of warm water mixed with ½ tsp of liquid dish soap. Mix the solution well. You can put the mixture in a spray bottle or bucket. Lightly apply the mixture over the paint and blot at the paint with a cloth. You may need to repeat applying the mixture and blotting the spot clean. Make sure to rinse the site with cold water and use a dry cloth and blot at the wet spot.

Removing Cookie Icing from Carpet

If cookie icing gets all over your carpets, you will first want to remove the bulk of the icing with a spoon or dull butter knife. To remove the remaining icing, mix together 1 part cold water to 1 part white wine vinegar into a spray bottle. Use the soft end of a sponge and spray the icing. Then gently blot at the icing. Once the icing is gone be sure to rinse the site with cold water and press down with a dry cloth to help dry out the carpet.

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