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How to Fix Hole in Carpet from Dog, Burn or Other Cause in Mountain House, CA

When carpets get burnt or a your dearest pets chewed or clawed a hole in the carpets, there is a way to repair the holes. Holes in your carpet can make the entire floor look misused, old and simply troubled. Holes in carpet can affect the entire aesthetics of the home. When holes occur in the carpet it is best to seek professional carpet repair services. If not properly repaired, often the result isn’t of the best quality. Carpet Care 2000 will share how professionals repair holes in carpets.

How to Patch Carpet in a Doorway or Other Area

When a professional comes to repair a hole in the carpet they will likely request remnant pieces of the carpet you may have in your home. If there is no remnant carpet pieces they will then need to buy a small amount of the carpet similar to what you have in your home. With the remnant or extra piece of carpet the next step is too use a carpet cut which is a circular cut out that can replace the damaged piece of carpet. It is important that the new piece fit tightly and perfectly. This is why a circular carpet cutter is used. The cut size should be bigger than the actually hole in the carpet. Once the carpet has been cut the same cutter is used to cut the extra piece of carpet. Now with a perfect fit, the carpet can be glued down in place.

How to Blend Carpet Patch

When repairing the carpet, the repair service will need to determine which direction the carpet pile is going. They can often use their hand and move the carpet pile to the side to see which direction the pile is going. To ensure the carpet blends in, the repair piece must match the same direction with the rest of the carpet. Once the repair service is able to determine the pile’s direction they then insert a stick disc. The stick disc is slightly bigger then the hole that was cut out of the carpet. They carefully slide the stick disc underneath the carpet and glue the outer edges. The repair service will allow thee glue to dry before gluing down the repair piece. Some stick disc have an adhesive backing and doesn’t require to be glued. Once the stick disc is in place and ready, the repair piece of carpet can then be glued down. The repair service will apply the glue and put the piece in place. To blend the new piece a carpet star roller is used to work the edges into the rest of the carpet blend the seams. Once the patch repair is down it is important not to vacuum the carpet for 24 hours to give the glue plenty of time to cure.

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For a quality repair it is recommended to seek professional carpet repair services. However, you can find a number of repair kits online. If you have a hole in your carpet and want professional quality repair contact Carpet Care 2000, we provide patch hole repair and much more. To schedule our services contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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