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How to Keep White or Light Colored, High Traffic Carpet Areas Clean, Fluffy & Looking New in Dublin, CA

The carpets in your home look great after professional carpet cleaning. Plus, removing all that built-up dirt and debris makes your whole home look clean. How can you keep it that way for as long as possible?

10 Tips to Keep Carpet Clean

1. Avoid walking on damp carpet. Damp carpets can become a slipping hazard. Try and stay off damp carpets for two to three hours. Stain removal can be achieved with professional cleaning, but it’s impossible to remove all the dirt. If you walk on damp carpet that has traces of dirt, you will re-soil the carpet. You will also flatten the carpet if you walk on it too soon and increase drying time.
2. Use heat to dry carpets faster. The warmer your home is the faster it will dry. Heat will absorb moisture and dry carpet more quickly. The ideal temperature for effective drying is 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
3. Open windows. Carpet cleaning increases humidity in your home. Your carpets will also dry faster when you can lower humidity levels in your home. Crack windows open to lower humidity levels.
4. Use fans. Your carpets will also dry faster if you can move air. If you have ceilings fans, turn them on, and use floor fans if you have them. The faster your carpets dry, the better.
5. Make sure carpets are completely dry before moving furniture back. Carpets can take at least 24 hours to dry completely. It’s a good idea to vacuum your carpets before you move furniture back as well.
6. Use carpet protection. Applying a carpet protector is the best way to prevent re-soiling. Carpet protectors repel stains and prevent them from penetrating into carpet fibers. You also won’t need to have your carpets cleaned as frequently when you use carpet protectors.
7. Clean spills as soon as possible. If you don’t clean spills up as soon as they happen, you will be left with carpet stains. It’s much easier to clean spills right away. The best way to do that is to blot them with a clean cloth and use a stain remover if needed. Avoid scrubbing to prevent damage and making the stain worse.
8. Vacuum often. Take care of your carpets and vacuum them at least once a week. Removing dirt from your carpets is also a great way to remove potential stains. Take your time when you vacuum for effective dirt removal. Carpets that are vacuumed regularly look better and last longer too.
9. Use mats at entrances. You can prevent a lot of dirt from getting tracked onto your carpets if you place mats at entry points to your home. You can also ask guests to remove their shoes at the door.
10. Avoid sun damage. While it’s nice to open your window coverings on a sunny day, the ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage your carpets. This damage will be more evident if you have darker carpets.

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