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How To Clean & Remove Candle & Hair Removal Body Wax Stains From Carpet & Rugs in Tracy California

Life is always an amusing adventure. It doesn’t seem to matter how careful, cautious or slowly you move to avoid spills, that is precisely when they happen. Lets paint a few scenarios. You decide that a bath soak is in order, and finally found the time to do it in, but you are going do it right! Soft music in the background, bath salts are dissolving and the finishing touch is having a handful of fragrant candles to relieve the stress. The bathroom is ready to go and you get a tray of candles lit, and ever so carefully you take them to bathroom. Overly careful however, you lose your balance and the candles fall to the ground and immediately the wax starts to cool off and stain your carpet. After a few choice words, maybe a few tears, you go have your soak until it is time to figure out how to lift the wax efficiently without damaging your carpet.
Or there is a girls waxing party. Eyebrows and legs are being stripped of the repulsive body hair in one station, but on the other, girls are getting pedicures which include a paraffin wax treatment, in the melee of pheromones and excitement the wax warmers lose the balance struggle and have made quite a mess onto your carpet. Once again the tears and tantrums commence, and afterwards, the mess is to be dealt with.

Carpet Care 2000 would like to offer two methods on having the wax lifted from your carpet, and any stain residue removed.


Freezing Carpet Wax Removal Method

1. You need to get the wax ice cold. Using ice cubes in a recloseable bag, ice packs, frozen meat slabs or a bag of frozen vegetables; apply the handiest thing available and allow the wax to get as cold possible.
2. Using a batter knife, metal spatula or something of that nature, begin gently lifting up the wax fragments and place them on a paper towel. The more chunks you are able to remove, the easier cleaning the stain will be. (If the wax is proving uncooperative, the warm method is better suited.)
3. Once the wax is removed, tackle the stain. Use a carpet cleaner or solvent and apply to the stain. Gently pat up the detergent and stain. Always conduct a patch test when using unfamiliar detergents to ensure the carpet fibers and color will not be compromised.
4. If a color stain persists, try using a dab of rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs to remove the colored stain.
5. Once the area has been allowed to thoroughly dry, be sure to vacuum well to relax the fibers back to their original glory.

Warming Carpet Wax Removal Method

1. Place a brown paper bag over the wax or an uncolored sheet of plain paper. Do not use a plastic bag! The brown lunch bag or grocery store paper bag will do the trick easily enough. You will want to put a few old rags on the surrounding edges so the wax is absorbed as it is melting and won’t spread.
2. You need your clothes iron. Do not use the steam setting and only set the temperature to warm. Too hot will burn through the paper bag. Depending on the amount of wax left on the carpet, you may need a few additional brown paper bags. Apply the warm iron on top of the brown bag but do not leave the iron on the spot for too long as this will burn the bag. The melting wax will be absorbed into the bag. As you use the bag, be sure to leave the saturated corners on the towel so you do not make a further mess on the carpet. Once no more wax appears to be absorbing, peek and see if there is any left. If so repeat until the wax has been removed.
3. To ensure entire was stain is lifted, apply your favorite carpet solvent and follow the labels instructions.
4. Once spot has dried, vacuum for fibers to take on their original shape.

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