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Carpets Going Bald? How to Get Rid of Black Carpet Beetles & Their Larvae in Livermore CA

We have all heard about your uncle going bald or even your dad, but have you heard about your carpets going bald? This is a phenomenon that not many people know about and have no idea why their carpet could be doing this. Most people assume that the carpet is old and is being worn down and just needs to be replaced. You will be sad to know that even if you go to the expense and hassle of new carpet; they could start going bald as well.

Carpet Care 2000 has all the information about why carpets go bald and how to repair it.

Carpet Beetles: This is the culprit for a bald spot on your carpets. The carpet beetle actually feeds on the carpet fibers and needs only a small amount of moisture to keep them going. They are a very small beetle and are usually a brown to black color. If you see one beetle, you are sure to have more you don’t see. They eat away at an area of carpet until it actually looks bald. This is the biggest sign that you may have them. Another sure sign that you could have carpet beetles are if you find wood like shavings on the carpet. Usually you find them under a piece of furniture or in a darker place like a corner. These are actually the casings the larvae emerge from. Once they come out they join in on the feeding of your carpet and will eventually lay eggs of their own. The cycle goes on and on and you may have no idea it is happening.
How to get rid of Carpet Beetles: The best way to get rid of carpet beetles or at least never let them the infestation get bad enough to cause any real damage, is to have your carpets professionally cleaned regularly. This will remove any eggs that have been laid and will also pick up any active live beetles. As stated earlier, these beetles are very small and often don’t get sucked up when you run the regular vacuum. You need the power of a professional strength suction to actually get ahold of them and remove them from your carpet. Carpet Care 2000 has powerful truck mounted steam carpet cleaning machines at the ready!

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What if Carpet Beetles damaged your carpet already: You have a few options if you notice a bald spot that is from these hungry beetles. You can go ahead and pay to replace the entire carpeted area or you can have the carpeted area patched or repaired by a company that offers these services like Carpet Care 2000. We can take a piece of carpet from a closet to make a patch that will go down in place of the balding piece. This repair will be virtually invisible!

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