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How to Clean Travertine & Other Natural Stone Bathroom Floors & Dissolve Soap Residue on Shower Walls in Danville, CA

The look of having natural stone in your bathroom or shower sets off any design with elegance. However it can become a serious battle keeping mold, mildew, and hard water stains from marring your beautiful stone walls. Carpet Care 2000 knows how hard it can be to keep natural stone with its silk clean look. Most of the time people will clean the stone the same way as any other bathroom. However natural stone has its own needs and demands when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. We will share a method that works great with cleaning your natural stone bathroom and shower walls.

Best Natural Stone Cleaners

Make sure you do your homework on the cleaners that you use on natural stones. Many have high acid content that can damage the finish of the natural stone. When shopping for cleaners, make sure it’s safe to use on the natural stone. Do not use vinegar or other homemade cleaners to save money. When it comes to natural stone you will want to use the cleaners designed for stone. Vinegars and such can damage the surface. Also be sure to wear cleaning gloves when you use the cleaners. Most commercial cleaners need to be diluted with water, so follow the directions. Use a soft scrubbing brush or sponge. Anything too rough can strip the finish that protects the stone. After scrubbing, rinse with water. Regular cleaning will prevent mold, mildew, and hard water build up.

How to Dissolve Soap Residue

To remove soap scum, make sure you get a soap scum cleaner, again safe for natural stones. After spraying the cleaner you will need to wait a few minutes to step in. Don’t use a sponge or brush on soap scum. Instead use a plastic squeegee and scrape the soap scum off. For older soap scum, you can use ammonia. Sometimes the commercial cleaners aren’t as effective. If you want to use the ammonia, mix 1/2 cup of ammonia with 1 gallon of water. This will be the best solution cleaner for natural stone.

Mold & Mildew Removal Services

For stubborn mildew and mold, get a high quality cleaner safe on stone and allow the cleaner to set for 1 hour, and then rinse the stone off with water. You can also use a degreaser on natural stone. Use 1 part degreaser and 10 parts water to create a solution. This will get rid of those stubborn molds and mildews. When you apply the cleaner use a plastic scrubbing brush to remove the affected areas. You may want to do a test spot to make sure your stone walls react properly. Most people do not wipe down the shower after every use. However to keep mildew, molds, soap scum and hard water stains off your stone, wipe the water off after each shower use. This will prevent problems from happening. Use a micro fiber cloth and if desired, baking soda after each use. This will help keep your natural stone clean and your weekly cleanup easier.

Natural Stone & Manmade Tile Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Carpet Care 2000 knows how hard bathrooms can be to keep the mildew and molds away. It’s a warm moist area that breeds those kinds of funguses and molds. Doing your part each day, wiping down and regular cleanings will keep you bathroom looking clean, fresh and new. If you need any help with your natural stone surfaces, Carpet Care 2000 is here to help you. Contact us for all your floor and furniture cleaning and restoration.

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