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Tips for Cleaning Different Types of Carpet in Livermore, CA; Standard Pile, Berber & Shaggy Long Pile

We don’t wash all our laundry the exact same way and we shouldn’t clean all carpets the same way either. The three main types of carpet are Standard Pile, Berber and Shag or Long Pile. The one way that is exactly the same in keeping each of these types of carpets clean is to vacuum your carpets at least once a week. It’s important to use a vacuum that has a HEPA (high efficiency particle air) filter as it will prevent dust, bacteria and allergens to be released into the air. HEPA filters trap more contaminants than they release.

Cleaning Standard Pile Carpeting

Standard pile is the most common carpeting that’s found in homes. It stands up to at home cleaning the best. It isn’t tightly woven, so the use of a brush along with the suction in vacuuming is beneficial. This will keep the dirt from getting deep into the carpet and padding. Spills need to be taken care of as soon as possible by blotting as much as you can with a clean cloth that has been soaked in hot water and laundry detergent. Repeat the process using only hot water until the stain is gone.

How to Clean Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is named after the Berber people in Northern Africa which is where it was first invented. The tightly woven fibers in Berber carpet allow less penetration of dirt and dust which is important, especially for those who live in a dusty terrain with a dry climate. The tightly woven fibers of Berber produce an ideal carpet flooring. The biggest pro to this carpet is its ability to resist dirt and grime. The biggest con is that because it’s woven so tightly, it is prone to snags and pulls. It needs to be taken care of the right way and drying times are longer due to the tight weaving. Berber carpets need a vacuum that uses a suction function instead or a brush to prevent snags from occurring and excessive wear and tear. You should always hire a professional to steam clean your Berber carpets. They use high powered equipment that prevents the carpet from remaining wet for too long. This will prevent bacteria and mold from forming. Spills on Berber need to be taken care of right away by sprinkling baking soda on it and waiting a few minutes. Vacuum the baking soda up and soak up any extra moisture by blotting with a clean cloth.

How to Clean Shaggy Long Pile Carpeting

Shag carpeting is also known as long pile. The long carpet fibers make shag carpeting the perfect environment for dirt grime to hang out unseen. Regular vacuuming is especially important when you have shag carpet and it will need to be cleaned more often than other types of carpet. Some shag carpeting manufacturers will also tell you specifically which vacuums work for the carpet you have. They are the hardest to clean which is why it’s best to leave it to the professionals. This will prevent the fibers from getting damaged prematurely and the professional equipment will also ensure all the dirt and grime is removed.

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