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Picking Carpet Color in San Ramon, CA; What Easy to Clean Popular Light & Dark Carpet Combination Goes With White Walls & High Traffic Areas?

When you are choosing the carpet for your home, you want your choice to be something you really love. Chances are, you will have this carpet for years before you replace it. Not only do you need to choose the right pile type, but you need to consider the many colors that are available to you. How in the world do you choose the right one? Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about the steps you should take when choosing the right color carpet for your home.

Consider Lighting When Picking Carpet Colors

If the room you are choosing carpet for is a well-lit room, it can handle dark colors much easier than a room with little to no natural sunlight. Dark colors do run the risk of fading in the sun though, so lighter colors will help you avoid that problem. In this case, you should consider choosing a carpet that is lighter and will help brighten an otherwise dark room.

Best Carpet Color for High Traffic Areas

You want to think about the amount of traffic the area you are carpeting is going to receive. If you choose a carpet that is too light, you might regret it. We have all seen what a lot of traffic can do to light colored carpet. Those unsightly grey marks on carpet can be hard to get rid of. There are many neutral color choices that handle high traffic areas very well without being too light to hide heavy traffic.

Classic Colors or Current Carpet Color Trends?

There are several carpet choices that can be tied to an era, like the 70s. You don’t want people to look at your house in 20 years and know the decade you chose your carpet in. When you stick to classic colors, you are choosing a timeless look rather than what is a current favorite.

Carpet Design Ideas for Your Living Space

You need to decide if you want your carpet to stand out in the room. When you are choosing design choices in your home, you will be selecting focal points that highlight that design. You should decide if you want your carpet to be one of those focal points, or if you would rather it blend in with the walls. If you choose to have it blend in with your walls it leaves them open to redecorating more frequently with other aspects and design choices that are easier to change.

Use Carpet Swatches to Sample Color

When you are choosing the right color carpet for your home, the best advice is to take full advantage of the carpet swatches before making your choice. By bringing home carpet swatches, you are able to see them in different lighting throughout the day in your home. This will help you pin down the right color for your carpet.

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No matter what color carpet you choose for your home, Carpet Care 2000 can not only install it, but can help you maintain it. By having your carpet professionally maintained and cleaned, you will extend the life of your carpet. Call us today!

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