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How to Fluff Up Compressed Carpet & Get Rid of Furniture Marks, Imprints & Dents

There is so much talk on stain removal, but what about dent removal for our carpets? Every now and again you need change. Deciding where to channel that change can be a challenge. After much deliberation, you decide you want to rearrange the furniture. It’s been an entirely a long time since it’s been done. Subsequently, after all the labor has been done to get that room looking magazine ready; you notice a shadow – from a dent that has remained from once the furniture last stood. Occasionally, those irritating marks fluff back up without aid. But since the last time the furniture was when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, getting those vexing dents out now might need more effort.

Carpet Care 2000 has prepared some quick and easy fixes to get that room photo ready without stubborn carpet dents:

ICE – A rather easy approach that we recommend trying first is ice. That’s right ice is an effective way to fight that dent out. Simply place some ice cubes on the dent and wait for that ice to completely melt. Be sure to use a paper towel or sponge to removes access water and then use a spoon or fork to gently lift the carpet fibers out.
STEAM IRON – Another method used is a steam iron. If ice doesn’t do the trick, try heat. Lay a clean cloth over the dent and apply your iron’s steam heat on the cloth. Do not skip using the cloth. The cloth is an added safety measure to be sure the carpet doesn’t get damaged. Again, use a spoon or fork to lift the squashed fibers up.
DAMP TOWEL & IRON – If steam isn’t up to the task try using a damp towel and iron. Lay a moist towel on the offending eye sore, and place an iron on medium heat on the wet towel for 30-60 seconds. Instead of removing the towel right away, leave it until it has completely dried. Then, vacuum the dented carpet pulling the fibers to their intended height.
BLOW DRYER – Another technique is using the blow dryer. If the carpet fibers are made of nylon or wool this could be your solution. Spray the area with water, and use the blow dryer to fluff out that dent with your fingers or possibly a spoon or fork.
For those who have or can get a steam machine, they are effective and easy to use to get the stubborn dent out. Be sure to follow the directions, as particular machines have different protocols.

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Care

Lastly, what’s easier than letting someone else do it for you? If all else fails, perhaps a professional is the easiest solution. When furniture is rearranged it can often make an obvious heavy traffic area noticeable. We at Carpet Care 2000 can offer cleaning services that will also help relax those dented fibers back up to its “like new” potential.

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