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Keeping Dirt Out & Carpet Clean with Children Back in School in Mountain House California

Summer is coming to an end and the days of relaxing with the kids at home will quickly be replaced by busy mornings getting ready for school, errands running throughout the day and kids coming home from school with new assignments, projects and friends. Keeping your floor clean throughout the summer can be a challenging task, but keeping it clean during the school year is even more difficult with the kids tracking dirt in and out of the house more often. With weekly routines that include to and from school, sports practice and study groups meeting in your home, your carpets can take quite a beating from all of the foot traffic that is moving in and out of your home. There are a few simple steps you can take to lessen the blow your carpet will sustain during the new school season.

How to Keep Dirt from Getting in Carpet

Having dirty carpet can make your entire home seem dirty, the presence of dark stains on your carpet can give one the impression that the rest of your home is not well taken care of. To avoid dark shadowy areas on your carpet, create a shoe organizer that sits close to your main entry door. This will allow your family and their visitors a place to put their shoes, lessening the amount of dirt and grime that will be tracked into your home and mashed into your carpet. There are many different varieties of shoe organizers to choose from to fit the size or shape of your entry way.

Preserving Useful Life of Carpet

Preserving the life of your carpet can seem like a tough task to tackle; however, your carpet can have a long lasting life when smartly covered with welcome mats, area rugs and hallway rugs. Enforcing a rule to wipe feet on the welcome mat before entering into the house is a great habit to get the entire family into. Placing rugs in high traffic areas or rooms that are used for eating or entertaining will help protect your carpet from dirt, spills and potential stains.

Carpet Cleaning Chores

Another great way to keep your carpet clean throughout the school year is to assign your kids with small chores. Regularly vacuuming your carpet will add years to its life and is a great way to keep the kids involved with household chores. Vacuuming can be a fun and fast assignment and will keep your carpet clean and your home pleasing to anyone who enters in. If you are struggling to keep your carpets clean, or your carpets took a beating during the summer and need a deep cleaning, contact Carpet Care 2000 for the best carpet cleaning service available.

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