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How to Avoid Carpet Cleaning Scams in Danville California – Part 1. “Free” or Very Low Priced?!

With many options for professionals to help care for homes, the competition can be ruthless. When specific desires surface, we as the consumer, begin to shop around for the best quality work; for the optimal price. It’s no different when we want our carpets cleaned. The listings are almost dizzying as we search to find the right specialist. We all have our means of looking for that carpet care technician that we trust to come in our homes and do the job we expect. Search engines, yellow pages, even pleading for recommendations from our social media friends aide us in that endeavor. But sometimes it would seem the fates are smiling on us and we have pleased the carpet gods and intercept carpet cleaning coupons. Sometimes too good to be true, the coupon reads any room for under ten dollars. We jump for joy and immediately contact the company in hopes of claiming bragging rights to such an awesome deal. Unfortunately though, that’s where a lot of scams take seed and what seems like a good deal, ends up being one of the worst home improvement decisions ever. There are so many carpet cleaning scams out there, we’ve had to divide this weeks blog into two parts. Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week!

Carpet Care 2000 has prepared this guide to one of the most common carpet cleaning scams and how to avoid it!

Free or Very Low Priced Carpet Cleaning: As mentioned before sometimes that coupon is so ridiculously low you think you would be a fool not to jump on the outrageous deal. The coupon for “free or crazy low priced carpet cleaning” is left on your car, you receive it the mail or the deal might even find its way to you by an alluring door to door salesman. Depending on the company, the sales or customer service specialist comes to your home and makes you feel comfortable in signing on the dotted line to the unbelievable price, and then you schedule the professional to handle the cleaning. Once the “pro” comes, suddenly the price is jacked sky high. You have thicker or unique carpet, there are excessive stains and odors, the layout of the room is oddly shaped or your rooms are too big. Price should always be estimated by the square foot. Many carpet cleaners will give you prices for rooms over the phone. They do this because these prices are typically low but once the cleaner comes to your home, they tell you that the price quoted was only for two rooms for example. An honest carpet cleaner like Carpet Care 2000 will get the square footage in advance and quote you an accurate price before they come to your home. Whatever the excuses, your bill went from “wow” to” “ow”. Many believe that “free” or inexpensive carpet cleaning is to try to sell you an outrageously expensive vacuum that you don’t want or need; or even worse – just a way for thieves to case your house.
The advice: Never agree to anything from the sales associate, especially if they use words like “limited time only” or “we will never offer this deal again”. Be sure the specialist coming to your home is also the carpet technician and they do not begin their work until the price is agreeable. Or if the company has a separate customer service rep, don’t let the technician begin until they confirm the price.

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Carpet Care 2000 is an excellent choice with a large number of testimonials from past customers that agree! We will get the job done to perfection with an affordable cost. We have a variety of cleaning and restoration services to best fit your needs and we will gladly discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Be sure to check our blog later in the week for information on other common carpet cleaning scams and how to avoid them!

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