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How to Get Fresh & Dried Red Wine, Juice, Soda & Other Dye Stains Out of Carpet in Lyoth, CA; Blot, Clean, Iron & More

Red stains are some of the worst stains that will ever occur on carpets. Removing red based stains can be nearly impossible and at times they leave a permanent mark on the carpets. Red stains such as Kool Aid, red wine, or juice stains are all too common in the home. When red stains occur, it is important to properly clean them up while it is fresh to successfully remove the stain. Carpet Care 2000 will share how to remove red stains on carpets to prevent permanents stains.

Red Dye Stains Carpets

Red stains from drinks such as Kool Aid, red wine, juices, medication, soda and more has a strong pigment which can quickly soak into the fibers of the carpet. Due to the red dye in these beverages and occasionally foods, the carpet’s natural dyes are easily overcome. Drinks and food with strong pigments are some of the worst stains to occur on carpets.

Blot at Red Stain on Carpet

Red stains are some of the notorious types of stains on carpets. When the stain first occurs it is essential to clean it up as quickly as possible. The longer the red dye soaks into the carpet, the harder it will be to remove the stain. When any stain occurs on your carpet, your very first step is to grab a dry white cloth and press gently down on the spill. You want to have the cloth absorb the stain versus the carpet. For those with a wet /dry shop vac, you can also use this vacuum to suck out the spill which can be more effective than a cloth. However, use what you can on hand and as quickly as possible.

Remove Red Stains Out of Carpet

Once most of the moisture has been removed out of the carpet, you will need to clean the remainder of the stain. To remove the red stain you will want to mix 2 cups of plain warm water with ¼ teaspoon of liquid dish soap. You can also mix 2 cups of warm water with 2 cups of ammonia, both are effective. Next you will once again want to use a white cloth and soak it in the cleaning solution. Dampen the stain using a blotting motion. It is important to always use a white cloth when cleaning stains. The cleaning solution can cause dye in cloth to run into the carpet adding to the problem. A white cloth has no dyes to ruin the carpet.

How to Get Red Stain Out of Carpet with Iron

As you clean the stain, blot at the stain starting on the outside and work your way into the center. This technique helps prevent the stain from spreading. After blotting at the stain allow the cleaning solution to soak into the carpet. Next, you can lay the damp cloth over the stain. Leave the cloth over the stain for about 15 minutes. With the damp cloth over the stain, use an iron on low heat and press gently down on the cloth and stain. Press and move the iron over the cloth. Make sure to sweep back and forth over the stained area. After a few minutes you can iron the stain and remove the cloth. At this point the stain should be gone. Make sure to rinse the area with cold water and use a clean white cloth and press down on the water to help dry out the carpet faster.

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Removing stubborn stains can be difficult and often red stains need professional help. For professional carpet cleaning services and more, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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