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What Lives in Carpets in Carbona, CA? Carpet Cleaning to Get Rid of Ground in Dirt, Dander, Beetles & More

Carpet is one of the most popular flooring types used throughout America. Carpet provides a soft, non-slip surface. Many homeowners work hard to keep their carpets clean. However, even the cleanest carpets are hiding some dirty secrets. It can be surprising to learn what is found in everyday carpets. Carpet Care 2000 will share what is found even in some of the most well-kept carpets and why it is important to have routine professional carpet cleaning.

Contaminants in Carpet

Carpets are made of fiber, woven tightly together that is looped into pile that makes up a carpeted flooring. The design of carpet provides a soft surface which helps to reduce noise, make the floor softer, and is better for play and safety. However due to the carpet design, carpets easily absorb a number of different particles and even become a breeding ground for a number of living organisms. Even with weekly vacuuming and basic carpet cleaning, carpet can still be full of particles and organisms. Carpets have been tested in different settings and each reveal different types contaminants such as the following.

Ground in Dirt & Soil in Carpet

In an average home in America, carpets have been found to accrue 40 pounds of dirt or dust every year. As dirt and soil is easily brought into the home, carpet quickly accumulates dirt and soil deep in the fibers and down to the carpet’s padding. With weekly vacuuming, you can reduce the amount of dirt and dust that can reduce the amount of dust or soil that remains in the carpet. However, it will not prevent all of the dirt. Over time the dirt will build up and deep cleaning is required.

Carpet Often has Human & Pet Dander

Each day both humans and pets will lose strands of hair and dead skin flakes will fall off our bodies. Pets also have more dander than humans and they leave dander throughout the home. As a result, it comes as no surprise that human and pet hair, dander, and dead skin is found inside carpet fiber. Again vacuuming the carpet will help to greatly reduce the amount of hair, dander, and dead skin but will not remove all of it.

Carpet Beetles & Pests

When there is dead skin, hair and dander in the carpet, it becomes a breeding ground for dust mites and invites other pests. In carpet, carpet beetles, moths and dust mites are frequently found causing indoor allergies and damage to the carpets. Dust mites are a constant human companion which is impossible to completely remove. However, you can reduce dust mites and pest population in your carpet with routine deep carpet cleaning.

Mold, Fungus & Bacteria in Carpet

With spilled drinks, small food particles, along with dead skin and dander, mold, fungi and bacteria will develop. For those who have frequent skin irritations such as athletes foot, it is often because of the bacteria in the carpet. Mold is another harmful contaminant that can cause major health problems. Carpet can easily develop mold, fungi, and bacteria that need to be removed. Professional carpet cleaning use quality carpet cleaning solvents that not only removes stains, but kills mold, fungi, and bacteria as well. By killing bacteria, fungi, and mold in the carpet, your carpet will have less odors and be much healthier as well.

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With so many contaminants found inside day to day carpets, it is important to keep your carpet clean. For professional carpet cleaning services contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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