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How to Get Rid of Glitter Spills on Carpet or Tile Flooring in Banta, CA; Vacuum, Rubber Glove & More

It seems like the holidays are full of all things sparkly. From Christmas trees, stockings and presents to Valentine’s Day cards to Mother’s Day gifts, everything is often covered in glitter to add a little extra magic. This is all well and good until these holidays are over and you are ready to be rid of the glitter until the next holiday. Sometimes it seems like nothing you do can ever completely get rid of glitter. Carpet Care 2000 is here to share some tips to help you clean up the glittery mess that comes with so many holidays throughout the year.

Cleaning Glitter Off Furniture

You may not realize your furniture is covered in glitter until the light hits it just right, or maybe you do see the mass amount of that sparkly stuff all over your furniture after Christmas is over. Glitter isn’t something that you can simply brush off of furniture. It seems to really stick to the surface no matter what you try. The best way to get it off furniture is to use a lint roller. That sticky adhesive isn’t only great at removing pet hair, but glitter as well.

How to Get Glitter Off Tile Floors

It seems like it should be easy to clean up glitter on a hard surface floor. However, when you have those little flecks sticking to the floor no matter what you do, it can be maddening. Your vacuum likely has an attachment that is made to suck up things in tight corners with a good deal of power. This is a great tool to use on your glittery floor. If that doesn’t work, you can also get a damp cloth to finish off the job.

How to Remove Glitter from Carpet

When glitter spills in your carpet, it is a nightmare to clean up. Even if you have cleaned up the majority of it, the fibers are dense in carpet that you will be able to see glitter for months after cleaning it up. To clean up glitter in your carpet, you will first need to vacuum. Make sure your vacuum has been cleaned out and will be able to work with as much power as possible as you work to clean up the glitter mess. If that doesn’t completely remove the glitter from the fibers of your carpet, you can always turn to static electricity. With the use of a rubber pair of gloves, you can rub the glove on the carpet to produce static electricity. Then you will want to rub the glove over the area with glitter and watch the stuff magically stick to it.

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All of the different holidays can be such a busy time of year. If you have noticed that there are stains left behind once all the parties and decorations are cleaned up, you can count on Carpet Care 2000 to help you get rid of the last trace the holidays have left behind. We have the training and skills to remove even the toughest stains. Call us today!

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