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How to Get Slime Out of Carpet in Walnut Creek, CA; Warm Water, Rubbing Alcohol or Club Soda Solutions

One of the things that seem to be on most small girls birthday and Christmas list is a slime making kit. These kits come with all you need to make a batch of slime that they can play with. The process of making slime is not complex and most kids can take on the process. There are several ways to make slime and a few different recipes. The majority of the slime making kits come with glue, some type of coloring, borax or contact solution and any additives that you want to put in your slime. These ingredients activate the solution and slime has been created. The problem is that the slime can become a major mess and when it gets on furniture, carpets and more can be troublesome. Your child’s new kit may start to seem like a bad idea when the slime slipped out of their hand and smacks on the carpet. You want to make sure that you know what to do to clean the slime off. Carpet Care 2000 outlines what you can do to remove slime out of your carpet.

Warm Water to Remove Slime from Carpet

If you want to try a very simple solution to clean the slime off your carpet you can start with warm water. The warm water should be placed in a bowl so that you can continue to use it when cleaning the stain. The process will also include using a hard tool like a butter knife to scrape the slime off the carpet. You can use the tool to scrape away what you can then using the warm water you can rinse the area. This is a great way to prepare the area so that you can get as much of the slime off the carpet as you can.

Get Slime Out of Carpet with Rubbing Alcohol

If you are unable to get the slime off the carpet you can move up to a new cleaning solution. Rubbing alcohol is something that has a more harsh reaction and that is why you want to test it on the carpet before you start cleaning. The rubbing alcohol can be used on a wash cloth and used to agitate the slime that is on the carpet. You want to then scrape away the slime and follow up with a rinse of warm water.

Clean Slime from Carpet with Club Soda

You want to start this method by taking as much slime off the carpet as you can. First thing you can do is make sure that you scrape as much off the carpet as you can and throw it away in the trash. Once you have the excess off the carpet you can put the club soda in a spray bottle. The club soda has an ingredient that will bubble around the stain and help to move it off the carpet. Spray the area and allow the club soda to work to loosen the stain. Then you can dab at the area to remove the rest of the staining. This will pull the slime off the carpet and treat any discoloration as well.

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