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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Mountain House, CA; Improve Air Quality, Less Damage to Carpets & More

Your office experiences a lot of foot traffic from clients, employees and other visitors. Did you know that carpets can hold approximately four times their weight in dirt or maybe more? Carpets are notorious for holding onto all kinds of dirt; from pet hair, dander, dust mites, insect feces, insect husks, dead skin cells, mold, bacteria and volatile organic compounds. That can make for some pretty dirty carpet! Carpet Care 2000 outlines some of the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning.

Clean Carpets Make a Good First Impression

The condition of your office says a lot about you and your company. Professional carpet cleaning is a good way to make a good first impression. A clean and visually appealing carpet can be very welcoming and help to improve the overall feel of your office. This will lead to repeat business and that’s good for your bottom line.

Clean Carpets Improve Air Quality

We spend a lot of time indoors. The dust, dirt, and other debris that finds its way into the carpet fibers will become airborne every time the carpet is walked on. This can cause odors and even respiratory infections. Using harsh chemicals to clean carpets can also cause unpleasant odors and other adverse health effects. Professional carpet cleaning is the only way to remove the deepest embedded debris so it can’t become airborne and inhaled. Professionals also use EPA-approved cleaning products that do not contain harsh chemicals. This will ensure that your office is free of any unpleasant odors and will also ensure that you, your employees, and clients will be breathing healthier air and that’s good for business!

Deep Cleaning Means Less Damage to Carpets

Professional carpet cleaning also means less damage to carpets. Fine abrasive particles can actually damage carpets over time, increasing wear and tear. Carpeting is your business’ best air filter. The more damaged carpets are, the more dirt they hold inside of them. This makes the air inside your office harder to breathe for employees and customers.

Low Cost of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

While it can vary, the cost for commercial carpet cleaning varies between service providers. It will also depend on the amount of carpet you need cleaned. Most companies are more than happy to provide you with a free estimate. This will allow you to do a little shopping to get the best price. The average cost will range between $0.15 to $0.35 per square foot. There is often an added fee for any stain removal and the application of stain protection. If you choose to set up regular cleaning, the service provide may lower the cost per cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

The image of your office and the health to those that work there and come and go makes it important to keep the carpets as clean as possible. It will make a great impression on your employees, clients and visitors. Hiring professionals to clean your carpets will keep your office looking clean and contribute to a healthier environment. It also ensures a clean much more effective than DIY methods and rented carpet machines. Contact Carpet Care 2000 today!

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