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How to Prevent, Clean & Remove Nail Polish Spills & Makeup Stains on Your Carpet in Dublin, CA

This past Christmas, millions of girls had nail polish and makeup on their wish list. Do any of these girls reside in your home? If they do, you will probably want to make sure that you have some rules in place to help make sure that that nail polish and make-up stay on their bodies instead of on your carpet. Carpet Care 2000 has some tips for you today on how you can keep that nail polish and make-up off of your carpet.

Talk to Kids About what Can Cause Carpet Stains

Some of the precautionary tips that we are going to talk about today may seem like common sense but we promise you will be grateful that you take the time to your kids about it. The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that you kids know that nail polish and make-up can stain carpet and other surfaces if they are not careful. Kids do not always understand that nail polish and make-up do not come off surfaces that they are not intended for. Taking the time to explain it to them is definitely an important step.

Don’t Apply Beauty Products in Rooms with Carpet

Once they know and understand that nail polish and make-up does stain carpet and other surfaces you will want to set up some rules for them to follow when they go use their nail polish and make-up. One rule that you may want to establish is that nail polish and make-up are only used in certain places in the house. You may want to say that make-up needs to stay in the bathroom. Make-up will almost always come off the surfaces that are in your bathroom so this rule is a great one! With nail polish you may want to consider a rule that nail polish does not go on the carpet at all.

Remove Nail Polish & Makeup Spills on Carpet Right Away

Unfortunately, not even the best of kids follows each and every rule that they are given. It is simply inevitable that your kids will not follow some of the rules that you set-up regarding nail polish and make-up usage. If this happens at your home you may end up with some nail polish and make-up stains on your carpet. What on earth do you do if this happens? The very best thing that you can do to get your carpet clean is to act quickly. Make sure that your kids know that they should come and tell you immediately if they have spilled nail polish and make-up on your carpet. The longer that the nail polish and make-up sit on your carpet the harder it is to get out.

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You will want to do some research on how to get that particular item out of your carpet. Every type of make-up is a little different and will require a slightly different method to clean thoroughly. After you have cleaned it you will also want to have your carpets cleaned to get any nail polish or make-up that has made its way deep into the fibers of your carpet out. Carpet Care 2000 deals with make-up and nail polish stains regularly and will be able to get your carpet nice and clean without a problem. Call us for all your floor and upholstery cleaning needs!

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