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How to Get Wet & Dried Blood Stains Out of Your Carpet in Manteca, CA; Peroxide & More

Your carpets over time will end up with stains and spots that you need to be prepared to deal with. The work that needs to be done to treat each of these stains may be different. There are some stains that you want to ensure that you use cold water while others require warm water. There are many stains that you should try to start cleaning as soon as they occur or you see them while others should be left to dry out such as when cleaning mud. You want to make sure that you know what to do about each type of specific stain so that you do not set the stain in. One type of stain that you want to be ready to deal with is blood on your carpet. This can happen if you have a cut that you do not see right away. it can be if you have a pet that is a female and has a menstrual cycle. No matter the reason that there is blood on the carpet you want to be sure that you use the right methods to get it out. Carpet Care 2000 outlines what you can do to get blood off your carpets.

Use Salt to Get Blood Out of Carpet

It may seem like a weird way to clean anything with salt but it is a great option. The first thing you need to do is to make a paste with the salt and some cold water. Then you can use the paste to cover the blood stain that you want to clean. This will pull the stain from the carpet and soak it into the paste. You want to give it a few hours to set up and then you can pick up the bits that are dried up. The dried salt should show signs that the blood has soaked into it and you can start to remove it. You can use a vacuum to remove any left over debris. You may need to follow up with a clean rag and some cold water. This can be used to blot at the space that might be left behind after the salt treatment.

How to Remove Blood from Carpet with Hydrogen Peroxide

If you want to have a secondary option to treat a blood stain on the carpet you can try hydrogen peroxide. This is something that should be spot tested on the carpet before you use it in a conspicuous space. The best method is to use a q-tip to soak the end with peroxide. You want to be sure that you only treat the small area and do not allow it to soak in the other carpet fibers. Allow the peroxide to sit for about five minutes then you can blot at the spot with a clean rag that has some cold water. The cold water can treat the spot but not allow the blood to be set in.

Use Dish Detergent to Get Blood Out of Carpet

You can also use dish detergent and cold water to make a liquid to clean. The cleaning can be done with a clean cloth that has been soaked in the cleaning solution. Then you want to dab at the spot and work in small spaces at a time. This method will only work if you are treating a fresh blood stain that has not had time to settle and dry.

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