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Carpet Stains from Spills VS Mysterious Unexplained Soiling on Carpets in Ulmar, CA

All too often people refer to stains and soiling improperly. For many of us, stains and soiling are interchangeable. However when it comes to carpet care they are two very different things and are cleaned or treated differently. When caring for your home’s carpet it helps to know what is considered stains and what is considered soiling. Carpet Care 2000 will explain the difference between soiling and stains in carpet.

Types of Carpet Stains

In most cases stains are far more common than soiling. A stain is the discoloration of the carpet fibers due to exposure of a substance. Most stains occur as the result of a spill or dripping. Then, as the substance soaks into the carpet, it can leave a stain. Some stains happen because some of the substance remains in the carpet with poor clean up techniques. Other stains can alter the color of the carpet by a dyeing agent such as ink, paints or dye. Many drinks have food coloring in them which is essentially a dye that can leave permanent stains in the carpet. Bleach and chlorine stains are permanent. However they don’t alter the color of the carpet but instead, they strip the color out of the carpet completely. Stains are the result of substance contamination of the site that has altered the carpet’s color. Preventing carpet stains can seem impossible. With strict rules and proper carpet cleaning techniques, you can reduce some of those avoidable stains. Professional carpet cleaning service can help remove stubborn stains, and some can even repair bleach spots on carpets.

Carpet Soiling

Soiling is not a stain even though it can cause the carpet to develop grayish brown color in the carpet fibers. Soiling is not due to a spill. Soiling occurs due to oily residue that develops on top of the carpet. The oil traps and then hangs onto dirt which results in soiling. The sticky oily substance usually develops from carpet cleaning solutions that weren’t properly rinsed. Most people never rinse their carpet after cleaning them. However, this is the lead cause for soiling. Another source for oils are from household members. Many will walk bare foot and lay on the floor while watching TV or other such activity. The body oil can stick to the carpet which later traps in the dirt. To help prevent oil or other sticky substances from transferring onto the carpet, make sure to wear socks and rinse the carpets after cleaning. Some other sources can come from carpet protector products or anti-static products that you spray on top of the carpet. In most cases you want to avoid certain products that can leave a sticky residue. Soiling is essentially the combination of oil and dirt, which appears in high traffic areas and places where pets or household members may like to sit down a lot. Soiling often appears as large grayish brown streaks on the carpet.

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With regular carpet cleaning services you can help prevent and extend the life of your home’s carpets. Professional carpet cleaning services can help clean soiling and remove stubborn stains. For quality carpet cleaning service and more, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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