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How to Keep Carpet Clean Between Professional Deep Steam Cleaning in Carbona, CA

Nothing is better than having something that is brand new. This can be anything from a brand new car to a new pair of shoes. When something is fresh and unused it is at its very best. Most people will try their hardest to make that feeling last. That means that you need to put some effort into cleaning and maintaining the items. One item you want to make sure you care for when it is new are your carpets. The carpet is in the house as a way to help with décor but also for comfort and health. They are a part of the house that you want to make sure stays looking and feeling great. One way to do that is to have them cleaned professionally on a regular basis. This is a great way to keep them looking good but you also need to know what to do in between. If you are not careful they will get dirty fast and that will result in an unhealthy environment and cause them to need replacement sooner as well.

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Enforce No Shoes in the House: There are lots of home that choose to have carpet as their main flooring for common areas as well as bedrooms. When you walk in a house that has carpet they often will tell you to take your shoes off. This is a great rule and a great way to keep lots of unwanted dirt and debris off the carpet. If you think about it the dirt that you are walking on outside will stick to the bottom of your shoes and this gets dragged into your house. It can start to get on the carpet and that will cause the carpet to look and feel dirty. You want to avoid this at all costs. On the other hand if you are walking around with your bare feet you might be creating a mess as well. The oil on your skin will cause the carpet to pull in the dirt faster as well. Your best options is to have house shoes or socks on when walking on your carpet.
Clean Spills & Spots on Carpet: When you see that something has been spilled on the carpet you want to make sure that you treat it as fast as you can. There are special methods that work best for certain types of stains. You may need to use heat on some while other require cold ice. You also want to be careful that you don’t use a chemical that is bad for your carpets. You can use a test run on a spot before you use anything to avoid damage.
Let Carpet Dry After Professional Cleaning: You also want to make sure that you schedule your appointments with a professional carpet cleaning company. After they have done their job and the carpets are clean you need to be patient. It is not always the best option to walk and move furniture on the carpet right after they are done. You may need to allow the carpets to dry out for a few hours after. This is a great way to ensure that they are not collecting dirt while they are damp.

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