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How to Keep Floors Clean in a House with Pets in Altamont, CA; Tile Entryway, Area Rugs & More

Millions of people across the United States own one or more pets. For many families pets are such an integral part of their family that they are included in their family Christmas photos. There are many emotional benefits from owning a pet. Many people claim that their dog is truly their best friend. If you have pets you may experience some of these emotions as well. One of the problems that come along with pets is that they can make your flooring dirty. So how do you keep your floor clean if you have pets?

Dog Paw Cleaning

There are many different things you can do to help your floors stay nice and clean if you have pets. If you have pets with paws you will want to keep their paws clean at all times. Much of the dirt that pets bring into your home comes in on their paws. You will want to keep their paws as clean as you can. You can keep a towel near your door to gently wipe their paws each time they come in your home from outside.

Tile Flooring Entryway with Pets

Many homeowners will install tile flooring near doorways and pet entryways. When your pets come inside onto a tile floor their paws will get clean on the tile. As pets wipe their paws on tile it is super easy to clean it up off a tile floor. If they come into your house and step onto carpeted flooring first it is not nearly as easy to get off of your floor. Paw prints on carpet get ground in and stain your carpet.

Area Rugs Help Keep Floors Clean

We also recommend that you use rugs to help you catch the dirt that your sweet pets bring into your home. Having rugs by your doorways will help right when your pets come inside the house. In areas of your house that your pets frequently walk on you will want to consider are rugs or runners. Replacing area rugs is much easier and cheaper than replacing your carpet.

Mop, Vacuum & Clean Floors Often

You will want to clean your floors on a regular basis when you have pets. You will want to vacuum extremely regularly to clean up the hair that your pets leave behind. In addition to cleaning up pet hair with your vacuum you will also want to mop your tile and wood floors to clean up any stains from dirt, urine, or feces. Carpet Care 2000 can come out and help you clean your carpets, rugs, tile floors, upholstery, and natural stone floors as well. We have the tools and expertise to get up some pet stains that your regular cleaning just will not be able to reach.

Clean Up Dog & Cat Urine & Poop Right Away

With pets it is inevitable that your pets are going to have accidents. If you have a young pet accidents will occur more often until they are house trained. Once they are house trained even the best of pets will have accidents occasionally. As soon as you see an accident you will want to get moving quickly to get it cleaned up. The longer the urine or poop sits on your flooring the harder it is to get off. Many pet owners will invest in a handheld steam cleaner that they use in these cases.

Floor Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If you follow all of these steps you will be able to have pets in your house AND maintain clean flooring. Here at Carpet Care 2000 we want to help your house look amazing at all times. Give us a call today!

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