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How to Make a DIY No Sew Area Rug at Home from Carpet Remnants in San Ramon, CA; From Measuring & Cutting to Binding

After you had fresh carpets installed you may find you have some usable sizes of remnant carpet pieces left over. Many suggest using your remnant carpet pieces to make rugs with, but most don’t know how to turn a piece of carpet into a usable rug. Carpet Care 2000 will walk you through some simple steps on how you can create a beautiful rug with your leftover carpet remnants.

How to Make a DIY No Sew Area Rug at Home from Carpet Remnants

Step 1. First you need to measure and cut the piece of carpet you want from your remnant pieces. You may not have a large enough piece for what you truly want and will then have to make do with a smaller piece. If so, you may be able to skip this step.
Step 2. Unroll your chosen pieces facing down so the underside is facing you. With a black marker, use a long ruler or straight tool to mark your lines. You’ll want to cut out a straight line for your rugs. Use a carpet or utility knife to then cut out your size and shape of rug. You may want another person to hold the two edges tight for cleaner and straighter cuts.
Step 3. Next, flip the piece of carpet over so the top side is facing up. Use a fabric adhesive strip and cut it to the length of each of the four sides of the carpet. Apply one adhesive strip at a time. Make sure to place the middle of the adhesive strip on the edge of the carpet so one half of the strip is on the top of the carpet and the other is on the back side. Make sure you keep pulling the strips so that it remains tight as you apply it on the edges of the carpet to prevent any bulges in the strips.
Step 4. To help seal the corners of the fabric adhesive strips, or bind them together, cut the excess material off of the corners then flip the carpet upside down. With the fabric adhesive, cut out an “L” or corner shape piece and apply one to each corner of the back side of the carpet to help hold down the jointed areas and maintain the rugs shape. You may find that the adhesive does not stick in some spots. If you run into this problem, you can use a hot glue gun to help seal the edges of the pieces down.

DIY Rug Binding & Finishing Ideas

Some people also like to use a piece of cardboard for the backing for extra strength. For those who may want to add this to your rug, you will want to cut out a slightly smaller piece where it doesn’t quite touch the edge of the carpet but the adhesive fabric strips will fold over on top of it. Afterward, glue it to the back of the carpet with a hot glue gun before applying the fabric adhesive or your rug’s edgings. For those who want to reuse their leftover carpet pieces and make matching rugs this is a simple way anyone can achieve it. There is no need for sewing machines or the need for a professional. This method doesn’t require expensive tools, just a little bit of time.

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