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Upholstery Cleaning & Care Tips to Extend the Life of Your Sofas & Couches in Livermore, CA; Determine Fabric, Minimize Pet Stains & Odor, Rotate & More

The upholstery to your furniture completes the overall look and if the upholstery is covered in grit, grime, dirt, stains, and emits odors, it can bring the aesthetics of the piece down as well as make any immaculate room look filthy and unkempt. Upholstery neglected of maintenance not only loses its appeal, but the indoor air quality is lowered, early deterioration occurs, and the expected lifespan of that upholstery dwindles. Taking care of the upholstery has a number of advantages, and we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to share some tips and advice on what you can to reap those benefits as well as, most importantly, extend the lifespan of your invested upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning & Care Tips to Extend the Life of Your Sofas & Couches

Information on Upholstery Material. There are many fabrics that comprise material used for your upholstery and all upholstery needs to be cleaned and cared for differently. Reading the labels on the upholstery will give you the information you need to properly maintain it; helping you know what to do as well as what not to do. With different options as to how to clean spills, daily cleaning, as well as preventative treatments to resist stains and such.
Upholstery Cleaning. Daily cleaning, deep cleaning and being attentive to spills are part of the cleaning of your upholstery. The daily cleaning of your upholstery consists of regular vacuuming to remove the dust and debris and avoid it from settling below the surface. In fast paced life styles, you may not have the time to vacuum the upholstery, but it is imperative that you do it as much as possible. Upholstery will quickly deteriorate the longer dirt is allowed to fester. Dirt, being a natural abrasive that when it builds up, along with use, creates friction that breaks down the composition, dries it out, and dulls the appearance of the fabric. When vacuuming, use the appropriate attachments to thoroughly vacuum the upholstery from top to bottom and under cushions. Always immediately wipe up spills and remove spots as you notice them to avoid stubborn stains from setting
Keep Pets off Sofas. Our beloved pets will often use the upholstered furniture to increase their comfort, even without your permission when your back is turned. Keeping pets off is the optimal choice to preserve the upholstery, as their fur/hair, dander, and contaminants they bring in contributes to the decay. If they are invited guests, consider utilizing a blanket or throw to act as a barrier. If the pets manage to add more mess to the upholstery, be sure to clean it more often.
Couch Rotation. There are many different aspects to rotating the upholstered furniture. Cushions or pads that are able should be flipped once a week as you perform one of the vacuuming tasks. This will prevent the divots and grooves from becoming permanent fixtures on your sofas and chairs for quite some time as well as allow the fibers a chance to relax, keeping your fabric looking young. Direct sunlight should also be avoided whenever possible. Along with applying drapes or curtains, blinds, and UV film, rearranging the furnishings once a year can contribute to the preservation. Sunlight dries out fabrics, and causes the colors to fade.
Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services. To further extend the life of your upholstery, manufacturers recommend professional cleaning annually or more frequently if needed. Professionals can also recommend preventative treatments to help you combat common issues you face. Experts use quality products and equipment to effectively remove blemishes, extract the deeply rooted dirt and debris as well as those on the surface and neutralize any offending odors that may have developed.

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If the upholstery in your home or business throughout the Tracey, California and surrounding areas is need of a professional cleaning, contact Carpet Care 2000 to efficiently clean, sanitize and deodorize your upholstery to restore the vibrancy and freshness.

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