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Natural Stone Deep Cleaning, Scratch Removal, Polishing & Sealing of Floors, Counters, Showers & Fireplaces in Dublin, CA

We take pride in the way our homes look and many of us feel it is an extension of our identity. We make renovations in our home to make them as comfortable and classy as possible and natural stone adds beauty. Some of the most popular natural stone choices in our State of California include Granite, Marble, Slate, Limestone and Travertine. However, as time passes, stone floor tiles will lose their luster, the grout can discolor and the stone can become rough. This will make the whole house look old and neglected. The cleaning process with natural stone uses diamond abrasives beneath a rotary machine. This will resurface/remove a light amount of stone to get just below the etch marks and scratches. Water will be used in the polishing and honing steps to have the clean finish last longer.

Professional Natural Stone Floor & Other Surfaces

1. Only use a company that will start the process by deep cleaning your stone floors and other surfaces; and focus on all the areas that need extra care. If there are heavily soiled grout joints, cracks and ridges, they will collect extra dirt. Part of the process includes a neutralizing steam rinse extraction.
2. Remove scratches from natural stone. Resin pads that are coarse will be used to remove scratches and blemishes. Professionals will use these pads on the stone cleaner that will take care of the signs of chemical etching. We will also use water in the process to prevent dust from flying around to add to the cleanup.
3. Stone polishing. When stone floors and surfaces are polished, it will give it a brand-new look. There are different kinds of polishes to give the stone different looks with benefits to each different polish. The company you choose should be able to recommend the best one for your floor. There are even environmentally-friendly techniques that can be used along with equipment and chemicals that can give your floors a long-lasting shine without hurting the planet.
4. Protecting your natural stone with sealer. It is always ideal to finish the cleaning process with a sealer to make the job a successful one. For a protective seal to be formed on your newly cleaned floors, a clear solvent based impregnating sealer will be applied to form a protective shield. When your stone floors are sealed after they’ve been cleaned, you will be protecting it from the everyday spills that will occur. You can even use color enhancing sealers that are great at bringing out the color of limestone, slate, travertine and flagstone. This will work to seal the stone and bring out it’s natural beauty.
5. Natural Stone Aftercare. Once the floor is cleaned and sealed, the job isn’t done. If you want your natural stone cleaning to last you will need to take steps to do so. There’s a right way to mop and care for your stone floor to make the cleaning process last longer. Professionals can give you some tips.

Natural Stone Floor Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, Sam Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If you can keep your stone floors looking their best, you will have years of wear, durability and the look you expect. Dust and dirt act as abrasives on natural stone floors with foot traffic causing the surface to become worn and marring the finish. The good news is that most stone floors are easy to take care of and keep clean, if they’re maintained the right way. Call Carpet Care 2000 for all you natural stone floor cleaning needs.

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