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How to Protect Carpet from Pet Urine, Hair & Scratches in Banta, CA; Vacuum, Spot Clean & More

Most homes are not complete unless there is a beloved pet in the house. It is the one way that a parent can make their kids happy and give them a responsibility. Having a new pet in the house is fun but they also bring some troubles as well. One is that they bring in more responsibly such as feeding and watering your new pet. Most pets require some level of interaction such as walks or grooming. The family will have to come together to make sure that the animal is cared for. That is not the only change that will happen in the house though. The dog, cat or other pet can also bring messes, damage and more as well. It is a good idea to know how to keep up with the house with a new pet in the house. The carpet will take on more messes that most of the house and that is why you need a plan to protect the carpets. Carpet Care 2000 outlines how to care for your carpets with a new pet.

Vacuum Carpet

One of the things that you will quickly see when you have a new pet such as a dog or cat is the hair and fur they leave behind. When they are new and young it is not as noticeable but overtime it will get worse and worse. If you used to run your vacuum one time a week you will need to maybe up that chore when you have new pets. They tend to shed more when the seasons change and you want to make sure to keep the hair and fur off your carpets by running the vacuum often. The vacuum will pull a lot of the mess off the carpet and out of your air. You also want to make sure that you clean the filters of your vacuum and empty the canister.

How to Clean Up Puppy & Pet Accidents

When you have a new pet they have to get used to you as well as you getting used to them. During this time of transition they tend to be a little frightened and could have some accidents. This can be during their training and until they are sure of where they are allowed to go. Even after they have been sufficiently trained they can still have an accident. That is why as long as you have a pet it is a good idea to know the best way to clean their messes up. The accident cleaning solution and method should be known by everyone in the house since it is best to clean when it happens. The cleaning solution has to treat the stain as well as the odor.

Groom Pets to Control Dog & Cat Hair on Carpet

One part of the grooming process that is important to never skip is to have their nails trimmed. The nails need to be trimmed to stop them from tearing and fraying the carpet fibers. If their nails are too long it can catch on the fibers and cause them to become damaged. This will lead to needing to replace the carpets sooner than you should have to.

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