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Causes of Carpet Bulging, Bubbling, Wrinkling & Rippling in Altamont, CA & How Stretching Can Fix

When carpet becomes loose or stretched, often the carpet will develop small or large ripples and even come loose from the edges of the walls. There are a number of reasons why carpet can become loose and Carpet Care 2000 will cover the list of culprits. Some can be prevented, and all can be repaired.

Carpet Ripples After Cleaning? Humidity & Over Wetting

In humid climates it is common for carpet to become stretched out. Typically, humidity will affect around the edges of the carpet first and then working its way to the center. The carpet will begin to swell. Often after the humidity levels drop the swell goes away and the carpet will lay flat. However, sometimes they won’t flatten back down and little ripples will begin to form. To prevent humidity from damaging the carpets make sure to run the air conditioner during the warmer seasons. Another common problem similar to humidity problems is over wetting the carpet. When carpets are improperly cleaned, often too much water is used or too hot of water is used which causes the carpets to stretch out. It is essential to know how to properly clean carpet and avoid over wetting the carpet or it will result in stretched out carpet along with severe rippling in the carpet.

Use Sliders to Move Heavy Furniture to Avoid Carpet Bulges

Another major contributor to carpet ripples is when heavy furniture is dragged across the carpet. The furniture pulls against the carpet which causes the carpet to either become detached from the track along the edges of the carpet. To properly care for carpets and to prevent ripples or stretching never drag heavy furniture across the carpets.

Repairing Wrinkles from Carpet Delamination

Another problem often caused by dragging heavy furniture is delamination. There are two layers of backing on carpets called the first and secondary broadloom. Delamination is when the pile on the secondary broadloom adhesive breaks down which allows the carpet to stretch out and cause ripples.

Buckled Carpet is a Sign of Bad Installation

Carpets will buckle and ripple and easily stretch due to improper installation. When carpets are installed, the edges of the carpet must be pulled tightly and held down tightly on the track. When installed poorly, the carpet isn’t pulled tightly enough when tacked down. As a result, the carpet is already loose and not so much stretched out. Another installation problem is when the wrong padding is used. Often to help reduce the cost of carpet, a thinner, cheaper padding is used. When the padding is too thin, it caused the carpet to flex when walked on. Within a short period of time the carpets become stretched out.

Carpet Stretching to Fix Bubbled Carpet

Repairing carpet that has been stretched out and has major ripples is possible. A carpet repair professional can come to your home. When repairing stretched carpet, often what happens is that the carpet is pulled away from the tracks, re-tightened and secured down in place.

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When you have carpet that has been stretched out and needs to be repaired, contact Carpet Care 2000. We provide many services including carpet stretch repair. Contact Carpet Care 2000 and schedule our services today.

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