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How to Clean Up & Get Rid of Glitter Spills on Sofas, Carpet & Hard Floors in Vernalis, CA

When your kids are home during the summer you are able to spend extra time together. Without school in session your schedule has more room in it for fun activities. Having friends over, swimming, staying up late, sleeping in, doing crafts, and going on vacation are all fun to do during the summer. If doing crafts is on your list of summer activities you may realize by now that there are a few downsides to crafts. Sometimes cleaning up the crafts is so much work! If your craft involves glitter cleaning up is even harder. Today Carpet Care 2000 has some tips on how to get glitter out of your house.

Vacuum Glitter On Carpet

If you have a glitter mess on your hands the first thing that you want to do is vacuum. When you start vacuuming you will most likely feel like you are not getting any glitter out of your carpet. Do not be discouraged by the lack of results. Keep vacuuming the same spot over and over and over again.

Clean Up Glitter with Lint Roller or Sticky Tape

When you have gotten as much glitter out of your carpet as possible move on to this tip. Get some masking tape and wrap it around your hand. Gently pat the area of your carpet that has glitter on it. If you have a lint roller you could also use that. The glitter will stick to your tape or lint roller and get out of your carpet.

Sparkle Glitter Sticks to Wet Paper Towel

After you have done the first two steps you may still be discouraged to find that you still have glitter on your carpet. If you do you will want to try this rather bizarre but extremely effective tip. Get a paper towel and get it wet. Take the wet paper towel and dab the affected area. The glitter will stick to your paper towel and come right out.

Sweep Up Glitter from Tile or Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood or tile floors it will be easier to get the glitter off of your floor. You will want to start with sweeping as much as you can first. Make sure that you take your time sweeping. Glitter is extremely stubborn and it will take lots of effort to sweep up nicely. When you get done sweeping there will likely still be glitter on your floor. You can use the wet paper towel or masking tape tips on your hardwood or tile floors to help you get rid of whatever glitter is left.

How to Remove Glitter from Fabric & Other Sofas

Typically glitter will not contain itself to just your floors. If you have glitter on your carpet you probably have it on your furniture too. All of the tips above will work for any upholstered furniture that you have that may have glitter stains on them. If you have leather furniture you can get a damp sponge and gently wipe up the glitter. When you are done you will want to make sure that you dry your furniture thoroughly.

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We hope that you are able to get the glitter out of your house with our simple tips. Whatever glitter you may still have lingering we can definitely help you with when Carpet Care 2000 comes out for your next carpet cleaning.

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