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How to Reduce or Get Rid of Static Electricity on Your Carpets in Dublin, CA; Anti Static Carpet Spray, Add Humidity & Don’t Drag Feet

As kids, one of our favorite pranks is to drag our feet on the floor causing an electric charge, then go zap our closest victim. As this was fun as kids, it can become quite annoying when you grow up and you keep shocking yourself and others around you. Carpet Care 2000 will share a few tips on how you can treat your carpets to prevent static from building up in the fibers.

What Causes Static Electricity in Carpets?

First of all, there many reason why carpets will build up an electric charge as people walk on them. The main reasons are the type of carpet fibers and padding used in the home. Some carpets just have that knack for building up an electric charge, especially when people have the tendency to drag their feet first thing in the morning. You will find that carpets made of nylon will generate way more electricity than carpets made of polyester or wool fiber. So what can be done to avoid the buildup of static electricity?

How to Prevent Static Electricity on Carpets

Why Am I Generating So Much Static Electricity? Don’t Drag Your Feet! One major factor is the way people walk. Try not to drag your feet.
Humidity & Electrostatic Charge. Next is adding moisture to the air. Static electricity develops when the air is dry or has low humidity. When the air is humid with high moisture content, the water can collect on the surface to all the material it comes in contact with. This adds a protective layer that prevents the buildup of an electrical charge. If your home or a room of the house has lower humidity, put in a humidifier. This will help reduce the electrical buildup.
Anti Static Spray for Carpets. There are products on today’s markets that helps add this protective layer and prevent that electric charge from building up. You can get spray-on anti-static agents such as ACL Staticide or Shadow FX, as well as many other products. However keep in mind these spray on products aren’t a one time cure. You will need to reapply as the effects wear off. There is a down side to using some of these products however. Many of these anti-static agents can be a little sticky causing dirt build up and will require regular carpet cleaning to keep carpets clean. That is why sometimes the best solution is just using a humidifier and opening a window for better air circulation.
Homemade Remedies to Get Rid of Static. There are homemade remedies you can use that will eliminate the static charge and not have the sticky problem. Start by using one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, one tablespoon of fabric softener, and 8oz. of water in a spray bottle. The alcohol is used to make the fluid evaporate quicker so you don’t have that sticky problem and the fabric softener makes everything mildly conductive, much like it would your laundry. This is a great solution to apply after your carpets have been cleaned or installing new carpet because they hold the most charge when freshly installed.

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Even though it was fun playing a prank on those around with a little shock from time to time, it is not too cool when you become the victim. Carpet Care 2000 hopes this will help you when seeking answers to this problem. If you are need in of any floor or furniture cleaning services, Carpet Care 2000 is just a phone call away.

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