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How to Remove Allergens, Dust Mites & Dirt from Your Couch, Sofa & Upholstery in Pleasanton, CA

The upholstery on the couches and armchairs in your home make up a big part of your interior design scheme. That means you should take good care of them. Doing so is the best way to ensure they will remain strong and look great. Part of upholstery care is to have it cleaned professionally. Carpet Care 2000 outlines what could be lurking in your upholstery right now.

Dust Mites, Allergens & Other Contaminants in Upholstery?

• Viruses and bacteria. Again, you spend a lot of time on your couch. Germs attach themselves to upholstery fabrics and spread.
• Dust mites and allergens. Dust mites love to nest in your upholstery and mites will shed their skin and leave feces behind.
• Mold. Living in a humid, warm environment increase the likelihood that you might have mold growth in the fibers of your furniture.
• Grease and oils. Body oils will absorb into the fibers of your upholstery. This can attract dirt and increases the look of stains.
• Toxic chemical and particles. Anything that floats in the air will eventually land in your furniture because upholstery acts like a giant filter.

Benefits of Professional Sofa Cleaning

1. Your upholstery will look better. Having your upholstery cleaned professionally does a lot for the way it looks. It removes stains and adds to its general appearance. Furniture that looks dull and dirty can look like new again as it maintains its color.
2. Your upholstery will be stronger. It’s hard to see your upholstery start to breakdown. This can happen when dust become abrasive and affect the thickness of the fabric. Regular cleaning can remove the dust and dirt that can be destructive to your upholstery.
3. You will remove nasty allergens. Allergens can make daily life hard. They lead to sneezing, itchiness, and watery eyes. You can say goodbye to dust, debris and pet dander through regular cleanings.
4. Your home will smell pleasant. Upholstery can hold on to odors. You can remove persistent odors when you have your upholstery professionally cleaned. Odors can be removed and deodorized to make your furniture and your whole house smell clean.
5. Your upholstery will be protected. Furniture can be pricey, and most homeowners will put off replacing it at all costs. You can protect your furniture through regular cleanings. Expert upholstery cleaners are trained to take care of all types of furniture so you can keep it for as long as possible.
6. Improved air quality. On top of the great smell in your home you can have better air quality too. When musty and dank smells are removed it naturally improves air quality and clean air puts everyone in a good mood!
7. You can save time. Life is busy and it takes a substantial time commitment to clean furniture properly. When your hire professionals to do it, you have more time to do the things you want to do.

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The carpet in your home may cover more square footage, but chances are you spend a lot more time on your furniture than you do on your carpet. Do you want the best in upholstery cleaning? Give the professionals at Carpet Care 2000 a call!

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