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How to Remove Eyeshadow, Powder Foundation & Makeup Stains from Carpet in San Ramon, CA

Your darling children are home for the summer – hooray! Having extra time to spend with your children during the summer months is an opportunity to create magical memories that you and your children will cherish forever. Summer vacations, extra playdates, playing board games, making crafts, watching movies, cooking together, and more will bring smiles to your children’s faces. For most families not every summer moment is magical though. Extra messes on your carpet are bound to happen when your kids are home all summer long. Of the different types of stains that may find their way onto your carpet, make-up stains can be some of the most overwhelming to know what to do with. So what can you do if you find yourself needing to remove make-up from your carpet?

How to Remove Lipstick from Carpet

The ingredients in lipstick, including grease and bright coloring, make it exceptionally hard to get out of your carpet. First gather a white cloth, rubbing alcohol or paint remover, cleaning gloves, water, and detergent. Next you will want to make sure you remove excess lipstick from the carpet. Put your cleaning gloves on. Then soak the white cloth in the rubbing alcohol or paint remover and squeeze off any excess. You do not want your white cloth to be soaked completely in the liquid. Take the cloth and slowly, but firmly dab it on the lipstick stain from the outside to the inside. Make sure that you do not rub the stain. Keep dabbing until the lipstick is all gone. Once the lipstick is gone you will need to remove the alcohol or paint remover from the carpet. Mix the water with some detergent. Dab the detergent mixture onto the area to remove the alcohol or paint remover. You will want to make sure that no one steps on the area until the carpet is dry.

Removing Liquid Foundation Spills on Carpet

Just like lipstick, liquid foundation can be hard to remove because of the grease inside of the cosmetic. We recommend gathering a white cloth, 3% hydrogen peroxide, a spray bottle with water in it, cleaning gloves, and an iron. Use a white cloth to absorb the excess foundation from the carpet. Get a clean white cloth, soak a section of the cloth in hydrogen peroxide, and squeeze off the excess. Gently dab the stain with this soaked white cloth. Dab the carpet until the stain is fully removed. Once the stain is gone, use a spray bottle of water to dissolve the hydrogen peroxide on the carpet. Once the cleaning process is complete, make sure that no one steps on the carpet until it is dry. If your stain does not come up with the above method, you will want to try this. Pour some of the hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain. Get a damp white cloth and cover the area where you just poured the hydrogen peroxide. Place a hot iron the top of the cloth and wait for a few minutes. Remove the iron and your stain should be gone.

How to Get Eyeliner & Mascara Marks Out of Carpet

Though the dark stains caused from eyeliner and mascara can seem like they may be impossible to remove, they are actually some of the easiest make-up stains to remove. Get a cup of warm water, ordinary cleaning liquid, and a white cleaning cloth ready. Wet the cloth with your warm water and squeeze the excess water out of the cloth. Dab the cloth carefully but firmly on the stain. Continue dabbing until the stain is removed. Gently rinse the soap residue off of the carpet with warm water once the stain is removed.

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We hope that the tips above can help you remove any make-up stains that may have found their way onto your carpet. If the stain is still there, give us a call here at Carpet Care 2000 and we will be right out to professionally clean your carpets right away!

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