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Carpet Buying Guide in Dublin, CA. How to Buy Carpet Wisely; Padding, Types, Weight & More

Whether you are purchasing carpet for your brand new home or replacing carpet in a home you have owned for years, you are hoping to pick out a carpet that will last for a decade. Unfortunately most consumers do not have much knowledge on the carpet buying process. Carpet Care 2000 has compiled a list of tips for homeowners who are currently in the market for some new carpet.

Memory Foam, Flat Rubber or Other Carpet Padding

Underneath the carpet that you install in your home there is a padding that will impact the feel of your carpet more than you imagine. Carpet padding provides support and extra cushioning for the carpet. If you choose inadequate padding you will definitely feel the weight of that decision on your feet and knees. Thin padding can make it feel like you are walking around on concrete and cause unnecessary pain to your feet and knees. Carpet padding will also help insulate your home and absorb sound. Quality carpet padding also helps prevent deterioration of the carpet fibers and backing. Carpet manufacturers will recommend carpet padding that will match the carpet that you select.

What Are the Different Styles of Carpet?

Shopping for carpets can be an overwhelming experience! Searching online for carpet types will provide you with a list of carpet options that can make your head spin. Do you want Saxony, velvet, frieze, shag, Axminster, berber, ribbed, plush, wool, silk, cotton, linen, Sisal, jute, coir, sea grass, paper, polyester, Olefin, or nylon? Each style has its own unique pros and cons. What you choose is truly a matter of personal choice. Make sure that you do your research prior to selecting your carpet to ensure that your purchase best suits the needs of your family.

Carpet Price

Most consumers are not lucky enough to have an unlimited amount of funds to use on their carpet purchase. Since staying on budget is a factor, you will want to make sure that you get the biggest bang for your buck. Stain-resistant carpet is frequently one of the more expensive carpeting options. If your carpet is going to be placed in a heavy traffic area you may want to consider purchasing stain-resistant carpet.

Carpet Colors & Pattern Trends

When you walk into a carpeting store you are immediately faced with hundreds of carpet color and pattern choices. You will want to take some carpet samples home with you to make sure that they match the feel of the rest of your room. What you like in the store is not always what you like the best in your home.

Carpet Weight

Carpet weight is one of the terms that you will hear thrown around when you begin your carpet shopping process. Many consumers get set on wanting a carpet with the highest weight. While weight is one of the factors to consider, there are other elements to consider as well. The twist and density of the carpet will affect what weight the carpet should be. Don’t assume that the higher the carpet weight, the better the carpet.

Installation Cost

Once you have selected your carpet you will need to select an installer. Installing carpet is a skill that most homeowners do not possess. Carefully selecting a professional carpet installation company will be an important part of your process. If your carpet is not correctly installed your carpet can not only look terrible, it can also not wear the way that it was intended.

Carpet Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

After your carpet is installed you will want to make sure that you maintain it properly. Frequently vacuuming your carpet is an absolute must. In addition to vacuuming, you will want to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year and even more if you have pets, allergy sufferers or many people living in the home. Carpet Care 2000 would love to help you take care your new purchase so that we can help make sure that your carpet lasts as long as expected. Contact us today!

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