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How to Remove Grape Juice Stains & Pet Urine Accidents from Tile & Grout in Dublin CA. Call the Full Service Carpet Cleaning Professionals at Carpet Care 2000 to Make Grout Look New Again!

Keeping your tile flooring clean and looking like new can be a challenge, especially if you have little children running around and family pets as well. Spills and accidents happen all of the time; unfortunately we are not always aware that they have occurred. The most vulnerable area of your tile flooring is the grout. Grout can easily become stained and these stains can be extremely difficult to remove on your own. Some spills and accidents are much more potent than others and if you do not act immediately after the spill or accident occurs, you will be left with unsightly stained grout.

Grape Juice Stain; How to Make Grout Look New Again

One of the biggest grout offenders is red wine or grape juice. If your tile has a lighter colored grout, then these two liquids can do quite a number on the grout that is between your tiles. The pigment of a dark wine or grape juice is so potent that if it is not immediately dealt with it will quickly seep into the grout of your tile and become almost impossible to remove. When your grout is dirty, it makes the rest of your floor look dirty, no matter how hard your scrub or how shiny your tile is.

How to Clean Pet Urine from Grout

Another accident that destroys the cleanliness of your grout is pet accidents. Pet urine can be extremely potent and if not cleaned quickly will leave a dark yellow or orange stain in your grout lines. Most indoor pets are the culprit of these accidents, as they are left home alone and the homeowner doesn’t stumble across the accident until it has been sitting on the floor for quite some time. During that time the pet urine has penetrated the grout and will be extremely difficult to remove.

Professional Tile & Grout, Carpet, Rug, Upholstery & Mattress Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville California!

Many homeowners attempt to clean their grout on their own and in most cases make an even bigger problem by using the wrong type of cleaner. When the wrong type of cleaner is used, it can not only damage your grout, but it can also change the color of the surrounding tile, now creating an even larger area that is discolored. The best way to keep your grout clean is to hire the services of a professional floor cleaning company. Carpet Care 2000 specializes in cleaning grout and making your tile floor look like new. Not only will we clean your grout, but we will seal it as well, preventing other spills and accidents from setting in. Carpet Care 2000 has a variety of grout colors to choose from that will match any tile you have in your home.

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