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Tips on Extending the Useful Life of Your Carpet in Danville CA; Call the Full Service Carpet Cleaners at Carpet 2000 for Professional Carpet Cleaning & More!

Whether you just replaced your carpet, moved into a new home with newly laid carpets, or are just over protective of your current carpet; you want that investment to last as long as possible. Keeping your carpets well preserved, and keeping them beautiful, clean and fresh isn’t too hard for the dedicated.

Carpet Care 2000 would like to share some of the secrets in keeping your carpets youthful and pristine.

1. Carpet Padding. If you are having new carpet laid down, invest in a top quality carpet padding. A carpet padding doesn’t only offer thickness and comfort to the bare feet, but it will help deter the nature wear and tear; especially in high traffic areas and stairs. Do your homework in searching for the best carpet padding and warranties they include.
2. Interior & Exterior Walk Off Mats. You will want to place walk off mats for every entry point in your home. Be sure the exterior mats are strong and durable enough to withstand the elements. They will also need to be absorbent enough to collect moisture, but rough enough to knock off mud. Interior mats at every door should be small and wash machine safe. Having a rubber underside to better protect the carpet from creeping is a great feature. Both exterior and interior walk-off mats should be cleaned regularly. If possible, have the home occupants avoid wearing shoes constantly.
3. Vacuum your Carpets Regularly. It is imperative to carpet maintenance that you vacuum often. It is recommended to vacuum a minimum of twice a week, more if children or pets are in the home, and once a week for rooms that get little traffic. Keeping the dust, dirt and other debris lifted off of carpet, prevents it from traveling deep into the fibers. Filth that builds up, makes carpet look dingy and prematurely aged. If you notice down the line that carpet fibers have frayed or become loose, do not pull. Simply trim off the stringy tidbits.
4. Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance & Cleaning. Just as you maintain appliances, vehicles, and other such home commodities, your vacuum needs to be maintained as well. Make sure the bag or container is cleaned, brushes are rotating and are not getting entangled by hair. Every so often, clean the moving parts to ensure efficiency.
5. Professional Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning. Whether your carpets look dirty or not, you should still hire a professional deep carpet cleaner once a year to get the rooted dirt extracted. Where you can do much to prevent an abundance of dirt and debris from seeding deeply, you can’t prevent it all. Get a deep cleaning annually to keep carpets vibrant. More so if stubborn stains you can’t remove manifest.
6. Stain Resistant Carpet Treatment. A lot of the newer carpets are featured with a pre-treatment anti-staining solution. However, after every professional deep cleaning, be sure to have your professional carpet cleaner give your carpet another treatment to help keep stains at a minimum.
7. Spot clean Carpet. Whenever an accidental spill occurs, it is crucial to tend to the stain as quickly as possible. A stain that is allowed to set in, can come to near impossible to remove, if it is even removable at all. Be sure to be diligent and remove any stains as quickly as possible.
8. Move & Rotate Heavy Furniture. Carpet can become dented or crushed under the weight of furniture and traffic patterns will arise around the furniture causing the wear and tear. Rotating your furniture can keep the crushing to minimum and regulate the traffic patterns. Make sure the furniture has a felt padding or something similar to protect the carpet from furniture moving and placing.
9. Reduce Sunlight on Carpet. In rooms where the sunlight is plentiful, it a wise move to keep the direct sunlight from your carpets. For a greater portion of the day, keep windows shielded with blinds or curtains. Too much sunlight can fade carpet shades, or even cause excessive drying; leaving your carpet vulnerable to daily life.

Carpet Care 2000 has the experience and training to treat carpets. With our top of the line equipment and superior quality detergents, your carpets will continue to look vibrant and fresh as well as any odors neutralized. Call us today to schedule your next appointment in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville California!

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