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How to Remove Mysterious Bleach Spots from Carpets in Ulmar, CA; Carpet Dyeing Process & More

Bleach spots are most often reversible on carpets. In some cases, you can reduce the appearance of bleach spots if you quickly remove the bleach when gets on the carpets. However, some bleach stains are somewhat of a mystery. For example why are their foot print bleach stains, or a bunch of tiny sprinkles everywhere on your carpet? Carpet Care 2000 would like to help explain some of those mysterious bleach stains and let you know that you don’t have to replace your carpet because of bleach stains. We’ll also share how bleach stains can be covered.

What Causes Mysterious Bleach Spots

As most people know, bleach is a chemical cleaner used for purifying white linens. It should not be used on carpets and upholstery since it will strip the color out. However, spills occur and accidents happen all the time. Bleach spills aren’t much of a mystery. However, many homeowners don’t always realize that many household cleaners do contain bleach or chlorine which is a sister to bleach. Never use household cleaners that are not designated for carpets or upholstery. Most bathroom and some multi-purpose cleaners will contain bleach or chlorine which will remove the dye in the carpet. Not all bleach spots will cause white or yellowish spots on carpet. Those pink, green or blue stains that lighten the carpet color are often caused by hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid stains are similar to bleach spots. Hydrochloric acid is in stomach acid. Therefore, vomit stains can cause the dye to strip out like a bleach spot and is treated the same way. The color changes from hydrochloric acid exposure differs on the dye that is in the carpet. For example, red dyes can turn blue, and blue stains can turn green. Another source of bleach stain is acne and skin cream such as foot creams. Hygiene products that contain benzoyl peroxide has a number of skin care products that use it. However, benzoyl peroxide is like a bleach which can strip the color out of carpet. Wondering why you have bleach stains in the shape of a foot print? Well, it is probably because someone applied a foot cream that contains benzoyl peroxide in it.

How to Fix & Repair Bleach Spots

Bleach stains aren’t a true stain in the sense it is a contaminate that is inside the carpet which causes the discoloration. Bleach spots are the absence of dye, meaning some of the dye in the carpet has been removed. In order to repair the spot, dye will need to be added back in where it was stripped away. This may seem simple but it takes a specialist to come and create a dye mixture that will interact with the bleach and blend in with the rest of the carpet’s dye. Before the dye is added back often the carpet around the affected area needs to be cleaned to prevent contamination. Then the dye mixture is applied to the carpet using specialized tools.

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If you have bleach stains in your carpet and you don’t want to replace the carpet, contact Carpet Care 2000. We provide a number of services including bleach spot repair. To schedule our services, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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