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What Neutralizes Dog Urine in Manteca, CA; How Can I Remove Pet Stain & Odors on Carpet?

There are several ways that pets enrich our lives and bring us joy, but when they are urinating on the carpet, it can be frustrating. When your pet urinates on your carpet, all is not lost. There are several ways that you can remove it. Some of those techniques involve chemical cleaners found at your local store, but there are also ways to remove it naturally. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about how to remove pet urine from your carpet using natural techniques.

Why Is Natural Green Cleaning Important?

When it comes to your pets, you don’t want to expose them to any harsh chemicals when it isn’t necessary. Not only that, but other cleaners will often leave a film on your carpet that will attract dirt and dust in the future. This natural cleaning method will remove the odor as well as the spot without leaving behind a residue that will cause problems later.

Step 1 – Blot at Carpet Stain. Don’t Scrub

The important thing to remember when you are cleaning up a mess on your carpet is to blot not scrub. Scrubbing the fibers will damage them and leave your carpet looking completely different once it has dried. For step one, use a clean white cloth and gently blot the stain to soak up any of the excess urine.

Step 2 – Vinegar for Dog Urine Removal

Using a bucket, spray bottle or water bottle, you will mix a vinegar and water solution. This solution will be a 50/50 solution of warm water and white vinegar. Vinegar is great at neutralizing the ammonia in the urine and will ensure the area is wet again so that all the urine can be soaked up. Vinegar works to cut through even the most stubborn stains. You will want to generously pour the vinegar and water solution on the area that you are treating.

Step 3 – Baking Soda Neutralizes Carpet Odors

Once you have removed as much of the urine as you can, you will apply baking soda. During this step, apply the baking soda generously. You want to completely cover the area that was exposed to urine; so much so, that you can’t see the urine beneath it. The baking soda will start to bubble and fiz as it works to remove the odor. You may even want to work the baking soda into the carpet a little bit with your hands to ensure it makes its way down to the bottom of the fibers.

Step 4 – Vacuum Baking Soda

You need to leave the baking soda on the carpet until it is completely dried. This could take more than a day, but it often will just need to sit overnight. Once the baking soda is completely dry, you will be able to see that is has soaked up all the urine as it will be yellow at that point. You will then use your vacuum to remove the baking soda from the carpet. You should no longer smell any trace of urine and neither will your pet.

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If you can’t remove tough urine stains from your carpet, you can always call on the professionals at Carpet Care 2000 to remove even the toughest stains. Call us today!

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