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How to Remove the Toughest Carpet Stains in Dublin, CA; Red Drink, Coffee, Blood, Nail Polish & More

You are having the best time with a bunch of family and friends that came over for a good time. While everyone was over you noticed some spills on your carpet. You don’t want a huge spot in the middle of the floor and you don’t want to let it dry, so what do you do? How do you get that spill out before it stains your carpet? You don’t want to call a professional to come to clean your carpet while everyone is there, so what can you use instead? Let the professionals at Carpet Care 2000 help you know what to do in between professional cleaning.

How to Get Red Drink Stains Out of Carpet

You may have been enjoying a glass of wine and it accidentally got knocked over or your kids were running around the house with a juice box and red juice goes everywhere. What can you do when this happens? Hydrogen peroxide and some dish soap can do the trick. First, you want to dab the stain with a towel then add the hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. You can also add some baking soda on top to cover it. Wait a few minutes then add some water and blot away. Make sure that you test a small place on your carpet that no one can see before adding the hydrogen peroxide. It could discolor your carpet.

How to Remove Old Coffee Stains on Carpet

If you have a coffee spill you will want to first dab the stain to remove any extra liquid that might be on your carpet. Then mix 2 cups of water and about ½ to 1 tablespoon of dish soap and vinegar, then spray on the stain. Then sprinkle baking soda on the stain, wait about 15 minutes, and vacuum it up. Repeat if necessary.

How Do I Get Dried Blood Out of Carpet?

Sometimes you start to bleed and end up getting blood on the carpet. One great way to get blood out of your carpet is very simple. You just need water and dish soap. 2 cups of water and 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Put the solution on a towel and blot the blood until the stain is gone.

What Tales Nail Polish Out of Carpet?

If you have kids you know many spills will happen. But what do you do if they spill fingernail polish on your carpet? There are many things you can try. Put a little water on the stain then you put a small non-acid tone nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, or even hair spray and blot it out.

How Can Pet Accidents Be Removed from Carpet?

If you have a pet you know there could always be an accident on your carpet. The best thing for your carpet is water and vinegar. First, make sure you blot the accident with a paper towel until your carpet is no longer saturated with what your pet left behind. Then you want to do 50% water and 50% vinegar and put on the spot. This will help get the stain out and get the smell out also. Then add some baking soda and it will start to fizz and lift the stain away. You might want to rub the baking soda in to help it penetrate into the carpet. When you are done with that, let it dry and vacuum it up.

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As much as we try to avoid spills, it happens, Carpet Care 2000 is here to help answer your question and make your carpet look as good as new with our steam cleaning and expert stain removal services. Call us today!

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