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How to Save Carpet After a Flood in Dublin CA; Call Carpet Care 2000 for Professional Water Extraction, Drying, Cleaning, Deodorizing & Water Damage Restoration

It seems that disaster will always strike every so often in one form or another. Whether you experience a vehicle that broke down and no matter the methods of getting it fixed, it never happens, or perhaps the heater or A/C unit went out in the height of its season, or even a pipe decided to burst, causing a flood in your home.

Carpet Care 2000 would like to share some tips and methods on removing the standing water and cleaning your carpet before mold is born.

If you allow water damage to fester, not only can mold develop, but you are also permitting the water to influence structure causing damage, and that can be detrimental. Tend to the water as soon as it happens.
1. Move all the furniture and possessions out of the room for easier clean up and dry off any furniture that came into contact with water. If possible, take the dampened furniture outside to allow the sunshine to help dry it quickly.
2. Cleanup depends on the amount of flooding that occurred. If there are inches of water in need of removal, utilizing a wet vacuum might be the first priority. If you do not own one, many home improvement stores offer them for rent or purchase. Getting the bulk of the water extracted is imperative and should be done quickly.
3. For the remaining water, or if the mess only saturated your carpet, throw some dry towels down, and commence to walking on top of them until they have sopped up as much water as they can, and repeat until as much water as possible have been removed. Once carpet is dried, it is a good idea to carefully pry up your carpet to make sure the padding didn’t get soaked as well.
4. Go back to your wet vacuum (remember most home vacuums are not equipped to suck up water and will be destroyed if attempt to do so) and use your wet vacuum to meticulously go over the carpet to suck up any remaining moisture.
5. After no more water is being sucked up, flip the ceiling fan on, and if applicable; put out humidifiers, area fans, open windows and even use blow dryers to dry out remaining moisture.
6. If the padding did get compromised, carefully peel back the carpet, leaving the padding safely secure to the ground, and repeat the necessary steps to dry the padding as well as the bottom layer of your carpet.

Professional Water Extraction, Flood Water Damage Restoration, Carpet Cleaning & Deodorizing in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon & Mountain House California.

Water damage can be a tricky thing to cleanup. Especially when you have to make sure the padding didn’t get saturated. If water damage occurs in your home, enlist the professionals from Carpet Care 2000 to better clean up the flood. With our expertise, state of the art equipment and understanding how to lift carpet, and make sure it is properly laid back down and secure, you can sleep easy knowing that the pros have tended the water mess efficiently and you don’t have to worry about a mold breakout or structural damage. Not only do we offer expert water extraction and water damage restoration, but we also offer professional carpet cleaning and deodorizing. Call us today!

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