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Start a Healthy New Year in Danville CA; Hire Carpet Care 2000 for Expert Carpet Cleaning to Remove Stains, Odors, Allergens, Bacteria & Germs!

The New Year is just around the corner and many homes have already begun to put their holiday decorations away and prepare for another year. This time of year is great for making New Year’s resolutions and goals to start anew, with determination and focus on everything a new year has to offer. One obstacle that will stand in the way of accomplishing these new goals is getting sick. Flu season is in full swing and if you haven’t had it yet, you are probably nervously anticipating the first person in your home to mention they are not feeling well.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Helps Prevent the Flu!

Flu season does motivate families to do all they can to keep safe and as far away from any illness as possible. Getting flu shots and encouraging the kids to wash their hands as often as they can remember to, are both ways to avoid the flu; however, they are not full proof. Nothing really is, but there are additional steps to take that you may not have considered when keeping your family healthy throughout the flu season. One of the best ways to prevent the flu from lingering within your home is to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Deep Carpet Steam Cleaning Removes Bacteria & Germs

While having your carpets cleaned may at first sound like a crazy way to keep you and your family healthy this time of year, consider these few facts about your carpet and the types of bacteria that can thrive within its fibers. Many types of viruses, bacteria and allergens can live in your carpet fibers. One of the most prevalent viruses that live in carpets is the Norovirus. The Norovirus is the type of virus responsible for the stomach flu. The Norovirus can survive in your carpet for over a month, becoming air borne when people walk across the carpet. One of the most frustrating experiences is to have your family just getting over the stomach flu and then having it resurface once again for another round of vomiting and frequent bathroom visits.

Professional Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning, Stain, Contaminant & Allergen Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon & Mountain House California.

Contact Carpet Care 2000 to come to your home and professionally clean your carpets, removing bacteria, viruses and allergens that will harm you or your family. Not only is Norovirus a popular enemy to find in carpet fibers, but also Micrococcus, Campylobacter, mold and fungus are other offenders to your family’s health and well being. Keep your family healthy and prepare for a successful New Year by having Carpet Care 2000 clean your carpets and eliminate harmful bacteria from your home.

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