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How to Stretch Carpet to Get Wrinkles, Ripples, Buckling & Bulging Out in Manteca, CA

When you have carpet installed in your home you assume that as long as you take care of it and clean it on a regular basis that it will last. The problem is that there are always accidents that will test the carpet and your ability to take care of it. Some people will spill on the carpet and depending on the type of spill you need to know what to do to clean it. You also will have to clean high traffic areas from the common areas of the home. You also may come across a time that your carpet has been damaged from a pet or other factors and it will need a patch. Getting a carpet patch is a great way to keep your carpet looking good and not having to replace it all together. Lastly you may end up needing to have your carpet stretched. This is a process that needs to be taken care of by a professional that has the ability and expertise.

Carpet Care 2000 Explains What Carpet Stretching Is Why You May Need It

Why You Need To Have Your Carpet Stretched: There are several signs that your carpet may need to be stretched. When the carpet has been laid in your home it is nice and smooth and is pulled taught. After some time you may notice that the carpet has a small ripple, bump or wave that was not there before. These are all reasons that your carpet will need to be stretched. Another area to look at is along the outside edge of the carpet. The carpet may start to pull up along the outside edge of the room instead of rippling in the middle. If you are concerned that your carpet is loose it is a great idea to have it inspected by a professional.
When Should You Stretch Your Carpet: Some people just allow the loose carpet to remain for some time. That is a bad idea firstly because when the carpet is loose it can become a dangerous tripping hazard. The other problem is the older the carpet the harder it is to stretch out the carpet and keep it intact. Lastly you want to be sure that you have the carpet stretched so that there isn’t any long term wear marks.
How Does Carpet Stretching Work: When you determine that your carpet needs to be stretched you want to make sure that you call a professional that has the right tools. There are several methods that are used to stretch your carpet back to the smooth finish that you want and the technician will look at the extent of the problem and determine what method to use. You may need to have the carpet re-seamed in some areas while others can use a knee kicker to pull the carpet to a freshly inserted tack strip.

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