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How to Clean & Remove Old Set in Beer & Pizza Grease Stains on Carpet in Ulmar, CA

When there is a party, there are often two common elements often found left behind in your carpet. What might that be, you ask? Well, pizza and beers stains, of course. For those who may have hosted friends and family over to watch the super bowl, or a party for a birthday or other special occasion, someone is left with clean up duty. If you have discovered that your carpets have been assaulted by beer or pizza stains, Carpet Care 2000 will share how to tackle those stubborn stains.

How to Remove Fresh or Set In Beer Stains on Carpet

There are a few ways you can handle beer stains. This first method is when the beer stain is fresh and you get to it rather quickly. Start by using a cloth or paper towel. Lay either one over the beer to help absorb the liquid before it soaks deep into the carpet. You may need to press gently down to help absorb more of the spilled beer. Next, combine one tablespoon of white vinegar and liquid dish soap into two cups of warm water and mix them all together. Use a sponge and blot at the stain. Work on the outside of the stain first and work your way inward. As the stain begins to clear away, use a dry cloth and press down to absorb the remainder of the liquid. Of course there are other methods that work great to remove beer stains. This one is similar to the first where you want to use a paper towel or cloth to absorb the beer out of the carpet. Using Woolite carpet cleaner, spray the stain and let the foam do its job. Allow the Woolite to set on the carpet for 10 to 15 minutes. Next you towel dry the area and then vacuum the carpet.

How to Clean Tomato Pizza Sauce & Grease Stains on Carpet

Pizza is a combination of messy pizza sauce and grease. together they can make a nasty stain. Like beer stains, there are many methods that can work to remove pizza and grease stains from out of the carpet. This first method starts by using a sponge with cold water. Blot at the stain working on the outside to the inside of the stain. Next, take a slice of lemon and rub it on the stain. Once again, pour cold water onto the stain generously so the stain gets covered. With a dry cloth blot at the stain. The pizza stain should begin the dissolve. Once the stain is no longer visible, allow the carpet to dry and then vacuum to restore the pile. If the sauce stain is dry, this method will help remove the dried pizza sauce stains. Use a butter knife to scrape away as much of dry crusty pizza sauce as you can. If the sauce is still wet, gently scrape the sauce off working on the outside first and move inward. Pour club soda to cover the stain. With a damp cloth or sponge, press on the pizza sauce. The sponge should absorb the sauce out of the carpet. Next, use a dry cloth or paper towel and press down on the affected area to absorb the liquid out of the carpet. Now mix together two cups of cold water with one tablespoon of liquid dish soap. With a sponge and the mixture, blot at the stain. You may need to soak the stain. Make sure to rinse the area with cold water afterwards. Again, use a dry cloth and blot the area dry.

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Beer and pizza often go together, which means you may be left with one or two types of stains. However if you need help maintaining clean carpet throughout your home, contact Carpet Care 2000 for your professional carpet cleaning needs.

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