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How to Choose the Best Carpet Type & Color Installation for High Traffic Areas in Vernalis, CA

When it comes to your home most people want to set it up to reflect their personality and their own style. The great thing is that you can change out the colors of your pillows, switch out the paintings on the wall and throw a new fun area rug down. These are all great ways to change up the look but you need to be sure that your base is able to allow for these changes. That means that you want to pick the right paint color for the walls and of course the right carpet and other flooring options. When you are picking out your carpet you want to make sure that you find something that not only lays a great base down for the rest of the décor but is the style that you love. As long as you take care of your carpet and vacuum them on a regular basis as well as have them professionally cleaned regularly. That is why picking the right carpet that also fits into the latest trends is important.

Carpet Care 2000 Offers Tips On Choosing the Right Carpet Style for Your Home

Cut & Loop Carpet: This is a great type of carpeting that is making its way back into style. It is a great option when you want to show off some texture and pattern to your carpet. It was most commonly used in the 1970’s then went out of style when shaggy 80’s style showed up. The cut and loop carpet uses two separate techniques to make the carpet fibers. Some of the fibers are cut and straight while others have a loop that has not been cut at all. These two different aspects end up making a great texture on your carpet. If you want to go out to look for carpeting be sure to ask about cut and loop carpeting and what options they have in color and texture.
Frieze Carpet: One of the types of carpet that is making some real headway in homes is called frieze carpet. It is a great option if you have a lot of foot traffic and you want the carpet to look cleaner longer. This type of carpet is great at hiding dirt because of the way that it is manufactured. The frieze means that the carpet fibers area twisted. The twisted locks will make the fibers have a curled look and they usually will flop over. Be sure to look into frieze carpet when you are ready to replace the carpet in your home.
Neutral Carpet Colors: Instead of checking into the style of carpet that you want, you can look at the right color. The color is a huge part of what the room will look like and that is why coming up with a color scheme might be the best start. Then you can look for that particular color within several types of carpet styles. A neutral is a color that is great when you want to change out your décor in the room. Choosing the right color is a great base for any room.

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