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How to Vacuum Carpet Effectively in Danville, CA; Vacuuming & Cleaning Floors the Proper Way

Anyone can grab a vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming but that doesn’t mean it will get done the right way. Even the best vacuum cleaners will leave dirt, dust, dander and more if they aren’t used correctly. If you get your floors and carpets truly clean then you’ll improve the air quality in your home and that is good for everyone!

How to Clean & Vacuum Carpet

1. Make a vacuuming schedule and stick to it. Floors should be vacuumed at least once a week for most of the house with high-traffic areas vacuumed more often, especially if you have pets. If you don’t want to vacuum that often use a pet-hair tool for spot cleaning.
2. Minimize the mess. You won’t need to vacuum as much if you can keep dirt out of your house. Use mats at entrances and make a rule about no shoes in the house to reduce dirt getting tracked in. Make dusting part of your cleaning routine and do it before you vacuum so the fallen particles will be picked up.
3. Spot-treat carpet spills. Always clean stains as soon as you find them. Blot with a clean cloth or paper towel and use a carpet stain remover for more stubborn spills.
4. Use the right vacuum attachments. Vacuum cleaners come with attachments like a crevice tool to get into tight spots, an upholstery tool for furniture and mattresses and an attachment with a brush for dusting purposes. Most vacuum cleaners will also have a carpet-height adjustment. Adjusting this to the height of your carpet will allow the vacuum cleaner to move more easily while you clean.
5. Avoid vacuuming small objects. Try not to vacuum small objects like coins or paperclips. It’s better to pick them up to avoid clogging the nozzles and hoses that can damage the fan of the vacuum. This can lead to repairs and money out of your pocket.
6. Make multiple passes when vacuuming. One pass isn’t enough to clean the carpet. To make sure you’ve picked up embedded matter, make several passes before you move on.
7. Be careful when vacuuming area rugs. Area rugs should be vacuumed from the center out to avoid fraying the edges. You can also take them outside and beat them with a broom to remove a lot of dirt and debris.
8. Change vacuum bag or empty canister often. Upright vacuums have a hose that fits onto the bag about a quarter of the way from its top. To maintain proper suction, it’s a good idea to change the bag once it gets to be one-half to two-thirds full. This will also prevent particles from being forced back out of the vacuum.
9. Take care of your vacuum cleaner. Make sure you clean the filters of your vacuum cleaner and clean the rotating brush because hair loves to get wrapped around it and makes it less effective and worn brushes can affect the texture of your carpet as well. If the cord ever looks damaged, replace it.
10. Professional carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is great but you need to have deep cleaning done by professional to remove dirt and oil the can cling to the fibers.

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Use these tips to keep you floors and carpets as clean as you can and trust the professionals at Carpet Care 2000 for the deep cleaning your carpets need. Call us today to make an appointment.

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