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Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Babies & Children in Livermore, CA? Yes! Truck Mounted Deep Steam Equipment & Gentle Solutions Remove Removes Dirt, Germs & More!

When you are ready to start your family or you have little ones crawling around, it may become much more clear that your carpets are messy. The amount of dirt on the floor seem to peak when you start to really look and you know that a small baby may be laying on that ground. The problem is that many people think that professional carpet cleaning is dangerous when you have small children and pets in your home. The solutions have gotten a bad rap from the original cleaners that were used when carpet cleaning first began. The cleaners that were originally used were not environmentally friendly and tended to be pretty harsh. People have said that after carpet cleaning years ago their small babies would end up with skin irritations. They might have a rash on their skin or even get an upset stomach. After their toys and blankets were left on the freshly cleaned carpets then the baby put them in their mouth they may have gotten remnants of the cleaning solutions making the baby feel sick. But times have changed and the solutions that are used in carpet cleaning today are eco-friendly and mild when used on your carpet. Companies are more aware of the cleaners that are used and the equipment is much better leaving little to no residue. Not only is carpet cleaning safe to do around your baby but it is beneficial too.

Carpet Care 2000 Explains Why You Need to Have Your Carpets Cleaned; Especially When You Have A Baby At Home!

Your Carpets Could Have Beetles: Did you know that your carpet could be the home to carpet beetles? They are a real pest that lives in the carpet fibers of your home. They feed on the fibers which can actually leave small bald patches around your home. The beetles are a problem for the integrity of your carpet and could lead to needing a carpet patch or replacement. They are also a problem for the health of your family. The beetle is not a pest that is going to bite or feed on the people in your home but they can cause problems with breathing and respiratory systems. When the beetles die, they leave their body fragments behind. These can end up in the air and that can be an irritant to people that suffer from allergies and asthma. A carpet cleaning professional can not only clean the carpet but remove these nasty little beetles as well.
Carpet Bacteria & Germs: It may come as a surprise to you but bacteria that causes the flu can live in your carpet for a month. That means that everyone may be feeling much better when what do you know? Your baby gets sick again! It can be from letting the baby crawl on in the carpet without having the carpet professionally cleaned after your family has had the flu. The germs and bacteria are a danger to the health of your entire family and especially a baby that is allowed to roll around on the carpet.

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At Carpet Care 2000, our gentle yet effective cleaning solutions as well as our truck mounted hot water extraction system removes the dirt and kills the bacteria so that your baby can enjoy play time on the ground. Contact us to schedule your next appointment!

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