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Is My Couch Giving Me Allergies in Tracy, CA? Upholstery Cleaning to Remove Bacteria, Mold, Pests & More

A home is a person’s private sanctuary. Our home is a place we should feel good, and safe. But when our home makes us feel sick or you suffer from constant allergies, something is very wrong. There are a number of elements in the home that can make people sick and suffer from allergies. Some of these areas can include the carpets, mattresses and our upholstery. Today, Carpet Care 2000 would like to put the focus on upholstery and why it can contribute to illness and allergies.

Do Couches have Germs?

The fabric, also known as the upholstery, that surrounds your furniture can house a number of different contaminates. These contaminates can and often do make people feel sick or they can contribute to indoor allergies. Many people never truly know what is inside the fabric and padding that makes up their furniture. The upholstery absorbs moisture and holds it. Some types of moisture such as water may not seem like a big deal but moisture comes in many forms. Moisture can come from human sweat, spills, milk, juice, alcohol, food, and etc. Some types of moisture can be the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Contact with mold and bacteria can affect your skin. When breathing in the bacteria or mold it enters your respiratory system which can lead to illness. Depending on the person, they can become sick or have allergies from the exposure to the mold or bacteria. However, it is not just the contaminates that have been found in upholstery.

What Kind of Bugs Can Be in Your Couch?

Pests are another common resident found inside upholstery. One of the most common types of pest is dust mites. Mites are everywhere and are a part of our life. However, dust mite population can explode. When the dust mite population becomes too abundant, they can have a bigger effect on your indoor air quality. Dust mites feed on the dead skin and hair people shed every day. As a result, the furniture will collect a lot of dust mite food. When the upholstery becomes abundant with a food source, the dust mite population will increase. Dust mites leave behind their own waste such as feces, shell or skin flakes. Dust mite waste can pollute the air you breathe and trigger allergies or even asthma attacks. Another common pest that invades upholstery are bed bugs. Yes, bed bugs can be found living in your couch. Bed bugs do not pose a major health threat, but given the chance, they will feed on you, leaving behind itchy bug bites. Additionally, the bed bug will spread and make your life miserable. Getting rid of bed bugs is no simple task. If you discover bed bugs in your furniture, seek professional assistance.

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Upholstery does affect your health in a number of different ways. For this reason it is very important to keep your upholstery clean. Clean upholstery will not develop bacteria, mold or pests. By maintaining clean upholstery you are one step closer to a clean and healthy home. If you need professional upholstery, carpet cleaning and more, contact Carpet Care 2000 and schedule our services today.

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